12 Irresistible Matcha Sweets To Try This Summer

Pablo's Matcha Cream Cheese Soft Serve


This soft serve has the full mascarpone richness combined with an elegant green tea bitterness, forming a sophisticated creamy taste you won’t easily resist. Available at all Pablo stores across Japan.

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Grand Hyatt’s Matcha Voyage Afternoon Tea

¥3,800 (Weekdays) ¥4,200 (Weekends)

French Kitchen's monthly afternoon tea is all about the beauty and health benefits of the green drink. This limited and oh-so-delicious buffet includes an impressive selection of subtle matcha desserts and baked items made with Uji tea from Kyoto. Enjoy éclairs, roll cakes, tiramisu, brûlée, tarts, cold matcha float, and savory bites such as smoked salmon and dill cucumber wraps, spinach and bacon quiches. And of course, plenty of tea! Until July 31 at Grand Hyatt Tokyo's French Kitchen.

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Starbucks' Coffee & Espresso Matcha Cake


This elegant and moist baked treat with a sweet matcha aroma can be served with whipped cream and syrup at your local Starbucks store. Match-a with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and get ready for your day! Available at Starbucks stores across Japan until the end of the summer.

512 Cafe&Grill's Matcha Pancake


This once seasonal addition became so popular with customers when it was first released that the owners decided to keep it in-store forever! These fluffy and ah-so-Instagrammable moist pancakes are made with the finest matcha and complemented with your choice of cream, matcha ice cream, red bean sauce and black sugar syrup. The ultimate green tea seduction. Available at 512 Cafe&Grill in Akasaka.

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108 Matcha Saro's Matcha Lemon Custard Obanyaki


Obanyaki, the popular Japanese street snack, is usually a pancake-like batter filled with a red bean paste. However, in this alternative summer-limited sweet, the filling is made up of three flavors: refreshing lemon custard, rich cream cheese and of course, matcha! 108 Matcha Saro is a matcha dessert store with a wide variety of other matcha sweets you must try! Available at 108 Matcha Saro stores across Japan.

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The Strings' Matcha Afternoon Tea Set

¥4,000 (Weekends), ¥4,500 (Weekends)

Meticulously executed culinarily and visually, this afternoon tea set is one to take your dearest and nearest guests whom you really want to impress. Consisting of 13 different matcha-inspired bits and bites, including Matcha lamington and the bonsai-inspired Matcha custard ball, this afternoon tea is one of the most Instagram-worthy desserts in the capital. Find at The Strtings by InterContinental Tokyo in Shinagawa until July 31.

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7-Eleven’s Matcha Monaka


One for our regular convini stop, this cheap but ultra delicious treat is the perfect way to enjoy this year’s hot season. A large chunk of creamy matcha ice cream cake covered in cone coating, you can eat it all at once or break it into smaller bits and save some for later! Available at all 7-Eleven stores around Japan.

Shimokita Chaen Oyama's Matcha Mousse Kakigori


A new touch to an old treat, this kakigori is one worth waiting in line (as you will!). This shaved ice is topped with exquisite matcha mousse sauce and, if you wish, you can also top it further with black sugar syrup if you’re feeling the sweet tooth within. Available at Shimokita Chaen Oyama in Shimokitazawa.

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Pablo's Uji Matcha and Sweet Red Bean Smoothie


Popular for their cheese tarts, Pablo also has a must-get smoothie made with rich Uji matcha that’s topped with sweet red bean cream and a few sticky rice balls. But that’s not all — under all that delicious goodies, you’ll also find some refreshing matcha jelly. Available at Pablo stores around Japan.

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Tsujiri Ujihonten's Matcha Terrine with Fruit and Nuts


This Matcha Terrine is made with a high-quality Uji matcha dough that has been baked with plenty of fruits and nuts such as apricots, figs, walnuts and more. This specialty harmonizes a refreshing sour taste with a rich and smooth sweet and slightly bitter matcha terrine. Available at Tsujiri Ujihonten in Ginza.

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Sadaharu Aoki's Bamboo Matcha Cake

¥830 (per cut)

This stunningly well-presented cake by famous pastry chef Aoki Sadaharu was crafted as a cheering treat for Japan’s team at the 2003 World Championships in Athletics in Paris. It became so popular since then that now it’s a regular. Made with an almond matcha sponge layered with bitter chocolate and matcha buttercream, this work of art shimmers and shines and has a very elegant taste and a beautifully mellow matcha aroma. Available at Sadaharu Aoki boutiques.

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Ginza Nenrin-ya's Mount Baum Kuchen

¥864 (per cut)

One perfect for a gift for a friend who loves green tea treats, this simple in taste but cooked with the finest ingredients baum kuchen, is the ultimate summer gift. Crafted under the motto, “Good taste, good aroma, good look,” this one scores perfectly in all three categories! Buy at all Ginza Nenrin-ya stores including Ginza, Seibu Ikebukuro and Tokyo station. Until Aug. 29.

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