5 Tokyo Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Spring 2022

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By Tabitha Wilders
April 22, 2022

Spring 2022 trending fashion items, colors and materials, check, check and check! Uplift your mood and revamp your wardrobe this season... *adds everything to the basket*

How can anyone not like spring? We all want to enjoy the season’s fashion to the fullest, which means that it’s time to reintroduce those bright colors and bold designs back into your wardrobe! Denim is in the limelight again, and the warm and soft yellows and pinks are attracting attention. You might be a monochrome kinda gal, but this year’s variety of color items are abundant and you should definitely give color a try. 

Here, you will find the top trending items, colors, and materials of spring 2022 in Tokyo. Links to carefully selected items are included and be sure to refer to the included Savvy Styling Tips! 

1. Colored pants

Colored pants are likely to be inevitable this spring. The key to styling this must-have item is to choose the bright and bold colors that are trending this year. Think powder pink, creamy yellow and bright orange. Green is also IN. 

© Photo by United Arrows

Sarah Fool tapered pants by United Arrows | ¥9,900

© Photo by Zara

Cropped trousers by Zara | ¥4,900

Savvy Styling Tip:

The clean silhouette of these pants allows you to tuck your shirt in or let it hang out loose. Wear a t-shirt for a casual look, or a blouse for a more office-appropriate look. Take it to the next level and try wearing it with a matching jacket or blazer. 

2. Lace blouse shirt

What’s one item that every woman should have in their wardrobe this spring? A blouse shirt. Or five or 10. Lace is particularly trending this season and expect to see plenty of frills and soft, voluminous sleeves! 

© Photo by ViS

Lace-style jacquard piping blouse by Vis | ¥5,038.

© Photo by H&M

Lace cutout satin blouse by H&M | ¥3,999.

Savvy Styling Tip:

The first tip would be to combine a gorgeous white blouse with colored pants. A blouse shirt is such an elegant piece itself, so the point is to add simple bottoms such as denim jeans. If denim isn’t your thing, pair it with cargo pants to slightly subtract some of the sweetness factor you get from the top. It’s all about the balance!

Match with:

© Photo by ViS

Linen-like high waist wide pants by Vis | ¥4,378.

3. Jumper skirt

Recently, the jumper skirt is very popular and you’ll find it stocked in many stores. Layered outfits have been around for a while now, and the beauty of owning a jumper skirt is that you can wear it throughout the different seasons. 

© Photo by Rope

Stretch toro jumper skirt by Rope | ¥17,820 (10% of ¥19,800)


© Photo by Jeanasis

V-neck flare dress by Jeanasis | ¥15,400 

Savvy Styling Tip: 

The jumper skirt is most appealing to the younger crowd as it gives off a casual, young image. However, by balancing it well with some beautiful items such as a lacy, soft blouse, a classy bag, or formal shoes, it can be made suitable for all ages. You can’t go wrong with opting for a jumper skirt with a nice V-neck. It naturally has a more trendy feel to it, and you can enjoy it casually or in a more dressy style depending on the choice of top you wear underneath it. 

4. Denim 

Denim has become a huge trend this spring for the first time in a while, so now is the chance to purchase a new pair. Although denim usually equals casual, this spring, you’ll find jeans that’ll help you achieve a more mature, polished look across stores.

© Photo by Spick Span

Upper hights the ninetys by Spick and Span| ¥25,300 

© Photo by Lowrys Farm

Straight denim pants by Lowrys Farm | ¥11,000 

Savvy Styling Tip:

Skinny jeans are so 90s. It’s all about the low-rise and straight denim pants in particular that are hot right now. What’s great about denim jeans is the fact that you can throw on any top and you’re good to go. However, if you’re wanting to style them up for a cute outing, go for that lace blouse!

5. Pointed shoes

And finally, shoes! This spring, it’s all about the sharp pointed-toe shoes. This particular silhouette is perfect for giving off a feminine, intellectual impression. You can choose to go for a flat pair or something with a heel. Either way, the design will elongate your legs—definitely a bonus!

© Photo by Pippichic

Remy mules by Pippichic | ¥31,900 

© Photo by Gu

Marshmallow pointed pumps by Gu | ¥2,490 

Savvy Styling Tip:

It’s worth considering going all out and choosing a bold, stylish pair to strut your stuff along the streets of Tokyo. They’ll look great with all the fashion trends mentioned above including colored pants, lace blouse shirts and jumper skirts. The pointed shoes also match with denim outfits if casual is what you are after. 

We all know that Tokyo has a reputation for being a fashion hot spot. You’ll always be able to find something that matches your taste. What’s your favorite thing to wear in the spring? Leave us a comment down below!

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