7 Japanese Gifts for Father’s Day

From the Heart

By Shizuka Sakamoto
June 14, 2016
Families, Lifestyle

One of the reasons for Mother's Day relative prevalence in Japan compared to Father's Day is perhaps the fact that it's often an arduous task to find the perfect gift for men that is both affordable, creative and memorable. If you're celebrating Father's Day this weekend and looking for something useful and uniquely Japanese for the man of the house, here are seven Savvy Tokyo's recommendations to help bring a smile to dad's face.


Champion Necktie

Striving to establish itself as “the cutest necktie brand in the world,” giraffe by Smiles brought to market yet another unique product for gentlemen—the Gold Medal Tie. Available in three colors—light blue, purple and beige—this necktie will make your father feel like a champion. This design is both playful and stylish, and most of all it will give dad one or two more reasons to brag at work. After all, what’s more precious than receiving a gold medal from your child?

How much: ¥19,440
Purchase at: All giraffe stores in Tokyo and Osaka, including Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F, Shinjuku Lumine B1F, as well as online.


Imabari Towel

With temperatures and humidity rising, it’s likely that pops can appreciate a hand towel even if he already has a few lying around. So if you’re going throw in the towel this time, look no further than the Imabari selection, made of top-quality materials with excellent water absorption. This Father’s Day, the company has a variety of uniquely Japanese products and  designs, but we recommend the Wa-Shi Solid hand towel series that incorporate absorbant Japanese washi (paper) and are available in four color variations.

How much: ¥810
Purchase at: Department store towel sections, Imabari Towel stores including Minami Aoyama, 5-3-10 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, and online.  

     sushi stick

Sushi USB Drive

Keep this one away from starving dads while helping them get the job done and keep everything organized. It also makes a good incentive to leave the office at the end of the day or get out on the weekend for some kaiten sushi together with the family. What’s his favorite nigiri sushi? Tuna, salmon or something more adventurous? All available with 2GB or 4GB memory.

How much: ¥4,093-¥8,722
Purchase at: Online

TOM Sushi Socks.BANNER.4

Sushi Socks

Here’s another idea involving raw fish. Don’t worry, they look like normal socks when you’re wearing them. Almost. But you can enjoy the sight of dad’s face as he wonders what you’ve given him and how he should wear it to work. A lovely and playful gift that will surely make for a good laugh.

How much: ¥540
Purchase at: Tokyo City-i Consierge Zone, 2-7-2 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Tokyo’s Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza, 4-30-3 Jingumae, Shibuya and Amazon.


Mt.Fuji Rock Glass

Invite Pop for a drink on Fuji-san with this one. Crafted of Edo glass, designated by the Japanese government as a top-quality traditional craft, this unique tumbler with Mt. Fuji engraved on the bottom, is designed to change its color depending on what you fill it with. Enjoy Mt. Fuji in different colors as father sips away on his whisky, wine or Blue Hawaii.

How much: ¥5,400
Purchase at: Rakuten Global


Taisin Ice Mold

The Taisin Ice Mold allows Dad to create ice cubes in various shapes and sizes, depending on his mood or drink. And no, he doesn’t need any special bartending skills to get creative — just put a regular ice cube in the mold and let it melt naturally. After 40 seconds he’ll be enjoying crystal cold soccer balls, diamonds, hearts, stars or whatever else he chooses freshen up his drink with.

How much: From ¥11,340
Purchase: Online


The Perfect Pillow

The best gifts are always the ones that have a positive impact on our loved ones’ lives and health. And as far as health is concerned, sleeping well at night is crucial. Nishikawa Sangyo, a Japanese company with 450 years experience in bedding, launched a new “health pillow” that promises its owner a relaxed and comfortable sleep all night long. The Motto Kata Rakune Premium is made to sustain your head, neck and shoulders according to medical recommendations and advice on ways our heads and necks are best supported when we’re sleeping. Easily adjustable and washable, this is a true care gift for your father.

How much: ¥8,000
Purchase: Pillow section at all major department stores in Japan, including Odakyu, Keio, Tokyu and Seibu. Look for Nishikawa products or ask for “Motto Kata Rakune Premium.”

And finally…

A Letter

In our earlier article on Father’s Day, we mentioned that most fathers in Japan enjoy receiving a handwritten letter or a thank-you card. Wherever your father is and no matter how old you are, don’t hesitate to show your gratitude to him for being a part of your life through good times and bad. Remember all those hugs and bedtime stories when you were a kid? Or the hours you waited for him while he was working? The thoughtfulness will surely bring a smile to his face or maybe even a tear—to his eyes and yours. Wrap it up, sneak into his room or put it in his bag and if he happens to be far away—send him a letter.