All Things Sakura 2017

8 Articles to Read Before Your First Hanami For The Season

By The Savvy Team
March 15, 2017

The temperatures will soon be rising, the winter coats will be traded for lighter jackets and the buds on cherry trees will start opening, which means it’ll soon be time for one of our favorite Japanese traditions: hanami (cherry blossom viewing).

But before you head to your first event of the season, we’ve got you back with all of the details so you’re superbly sakura-savvy. Here are eight Savvy Tokyo articles to read before planning your amazing sakura adventures for the year.

1. Tokyo’s Top 7 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

A quick guide to the capital’s best cherry blossom viewing spots. From the Meguro River to Tokyo Midtown, this article will help you build the perfect travel itinerary for the sakura season in Tokyo.

2. All You Need to Know About Japanese Cherry Blossoms 

Real sakura fans can never be satisfied just looking at the pretty flowers — they want to know all about them. So Savvy has an article introducing you to the secrets of every sakura petal; their types and differences. After this, you’ll easily be able to tell your friends and family differences between kawazuzakura and someisyoshino.

3. Tokyo on Foot: Meguro River Cherry Blossom Walk

Contributor Cheryl White takes you on a relaxed journey on foot along the Meguro River — one of Tokyo’s most popular and picturesque cherry blossom viewing destinations.

4. Top 12 Sakura-Flavored Sweets & Drinks For 2017

Looking for the perfect cherry blossom gift to bring back home? Or do you just have a sweet tooth for all things sakura? These 12 sakura-inspired sweets and drinks will have you drooling over the photos and then running around Tokyo in search of them.

5. Tokyo’s Top Family-Friendly Hanami Spots

While hanami often involves the consumption of alcohol and is a popular corporate outing in the spring, it’s also a great way for families to spend time together outdoors, while letting the kids blow off some steam. Here are the Tokyo’s best family-friendly cherry blossom viewing spots.

6. 11 Premium Sakura-Themed Events To Enjoy This Spring

The sakura experience in Japan isn’t limited to just sitting under the trees and admiring the pink canopy — the sakura is everywhere: in hotels, in shows, and in the food we eat in March and April. Here are 11 of Tokyo’s best sakura-themed events and seasonal specials for 2017.

7. Recipe: Sakura Mochi

Start preparing for the cherry blossom season by learning a few key Japanese treats that are commonly eaten during this special season. This is a quick guide to cooking the famed sakura mochi — you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to make yourself!

8. Top Flower Viewing Occasions You Shouldn’t Miss This Spring

Acknowledging the arrival of new blooms isn’t just a fleeting nod to Mother Nature, but a cause for real celebration and a genuine pastime in Japan. Here’s a guide to Japan’s most celebrated early blossoms (including several sakura variations) and the best spots to enjoy them.

Bonus: My Sakura, My Way

Last, but not least, don’t forget to submit your best sakura shots of the year for a chance to to have your shots featured on Savvy Tokyo and win a fabulous prize! Check out all details of our Savvy Tokyo Sakura Photo Contest here.

Bonus II: Sakura Across Japan 

If you live outside Tokyo or you simply can’t wait to learn more about other amazing sakura spots across the country, check out this amazing guide to all of Japan’s cherry blossoms, all the way from Hokkaido to Kyushu (apologies to everyone in Okinawa: the blossoms have already ended there…)