Buy 1 Get 4: Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods For Your Home And Office

Buy coffee that's not only good for you but also for the environment

By The Savvy Team
January 25, 2018

We all love a quick coffee fix as soon as we get to the office, or even at home, especially on an early morning. That’s where coffee capsules come in handy — they’ve got different flavors, are quick to make, and have that instant get-me-back-on-my-feet moment with a touch of a button. But as their popularity grows, so does harmful waste.

The majority of coffee pod brands on the market use petroleum plastics and aluminium seals, which are highly harmful to the environment and our health. Most of coffee pods’ waste ends up in landfill where it can take over 500 years to break down and degrade. With more than 20 billion coffee pods sold each year the build-up of waste is alarming. Last year, Jean-Paul Gaillard, the former Nespresso (yes, the brand that got us hooked up on the pods) chief executive, even warned that the coffee pods are killing our environment. In addition to that, studies have suggested that there is evidence of a strong link between aluminium leakage and Alzheimer’s disease.

Given the environmental and health concern, in 2016 Hamburg, Germany went as far as to ban coffee capsules from state-run buildings on environmental grounds, coming to the front of a movement calling for the promotion of sustainable coffee pods as a replacement of the current products on the market.

Choosing Royal-T’s Coffee Pods

Royal-T, a healthy beverage brand operated by Healthwise Foods, offers a solution to the issues of plastic coffee pod waste with their new product line Royal-T Cafe.

Using plant-based plastic technology, Royal-T Cafe capsules are bio-compostable and contain no aluminum — instead, they use a special oxygen seal to maintain freshness. The pods are made from plant-based plastics derived from sugarcane and sugar beet. For the environment, this means that in the right conditions they can break down into CO2 and water in 90 days. For us consumers, this means that we are spending our money wisely — while, of course, enjoying all things we love about the coffee pods: excellent taste, convenience and simplicity. The Royal-T capsules are perfectly compatible with all Nespresso machines.

The pods come in two flavors: the stronger Cafe Intensamente and milder Cafe Divino, both using 100% organic Arabica beans.

Savvy-Exclusive Special Campaign

To help spread the love for the environment to fellow coffee pod lovers, the Savvy team has partnered with Royal-T Cafe for a special campaign limited to our Savvy readers. For any purchases of Royal-T Cafe products (starting from a package of 10 capsules for ¥1,000), you will get three extra from the same type for free. In other words, that’s a minimum of 40 capsules for just ¥1,000 — enough for the whole office (or household) to be satisfied! The offer is available from now until early March 2018. 

Note that the capsules on sale now are best before early March 2018. The sooner you place your order, the better!   

How to order

Place your order using the following link:

The pods will be delivered to you within several days of purchase. 

For more information on Royal-T’s products, see here and here