Five Weird and Wonderful Japanese Beauty Gadgets

By Juliette Olah
September 29, 2015
Health & Beauty

Perusing the beauty section of Japanese department stores can be a bit like a exploring a parallel universe. Being presented with an abundance of gizmos claiming to solve bizarre beauty problems you didn’t know you had can be confusing and a tad unnerving. Still game to try out the latest Asian beauty tool? Abandon everything you thought you knew about beauty and prepare to get silly. Extremely silly. It’s gadgets galore out there, but if you come armed with an open mind you might just unlock the secret to perfectly elongated nostrils, ultra toned cheek muscles and a harmoniously upturned smile. The beauty truth is out there...


Lourdes Meme Steamer

With our addiction to all screens big and small, it’s no wonder dry eyes are a modern epidemic. When we concentrate and focus our eyes (for example while reading) we tend to blink less, which dehydrates our eyes. Add to this the impact of air conditioners and it’s easy to see why your eyes might be due for a session of TLC.

The Meme Steamer eye mask heats up to 41 degrees Celsius and releases gentle steam to soothe the eye area. The mask also plays relaxing music to transport you to a state of hydrated eye bliss.

Why try it: Ironically with this little gizmo, it’s all about switching on to switch off. Ease the day away and soothe tired, itchy eyes with the flick of a button.

Price: ¥5,000

Added extras: The mask can be washed and comes in two colors to choose from.


Facial Fitness Pao

Many Tokyo ladies (and possibly some Tokyo men) will recognize this distinctly odd contraption. The Pao facial exerciser is a flexible, weighted bar that is held in your mouth, designed to tone facial muscles. Bite down on it and gently nod your head for 30 seconds twice a day for a facial workout that promises to tighten, lift and slim your face.

Why try it: The rationale behind this product is that slack muscles beneath the surface of the skin give the appearance of sagging skin. A comprehensive brochure in English is available should you need further convincing, which you may, considering this one ranks number one on the looking-hilariously-ridiculous-scale.

Price: ¥12,800

Added extras: There are three interchangeable balance weights to allow you to customize your facial workout as your muscles become stronger.

magic putti

Magic Putti Nose

This little splint is placed inside your nose, close to your nostril opening, to elongate and slim the tip of your nose. I’ll be honest, this one actually scares me. What if you sneeze? What if you inhale with force? Ummm… ouch!

Why try it: You’re brave and you’re not at all squeamish about putting things up your nose. Get ready to embrace your inner five-year-old.

Price: ¥900

Extras: Comes with three splint sizes and a set of sticks for ease of removal. Washable and reusable. At least if they get lost somewhere up there, they’re eco friendly. Sort of.

aqua future skin

Aqua Future Skin

This one had me genuinely intrigued, and I found I could relate to the science here. The Aqua Future is an ultrasonic cleansing device that claims to clean clogged pores and exfoliate skin with little more than water. After spraying skin with an aqua lotion, the vibrating metal spatula creates steam when it comes in contact with damp skin, helping to clear blocked pores. The vibration is very gentle, and actually felt quite soothing while testing on the back of my hand.

Why try it: Your pesky blackheads bug you and you want smoother, cleaner pores without having to resort to harsh scrubs and peels.

Price: ¥13,000

Extras: The device also aids the absorption of serums and moisturizers following a treatment—a definite plus for the upcoming winter months.

happy face trainer

Happy Face Trainer

This ultra cute, cookie-shaped gizmo claims to tone facial muscles in the cheek area, training your face to form more youthful expressions. Just pop the cookie in your mouth and practice saying “eee….oooo” 10 times, working up to three sets per day.

Why try it: You fancy attaining a coy, upturned smile, or you simply want a distraction from nibbling on sweets.

Price: ¥900

Extras: The product is available in two firmnesses, soft and hard, to allow to you to increase the strength of your facial training as you progress.