Golden Week 2019: Where To Go & What To Do

Savvy's Guide To A Well Spent Holiday

Golden Week 2019 is just around the corner…

One of the best things about living in Japan is that there’s always something seasonal to look forward to. In late March, it was the pretty pink blossoms we all waited for so impatiently, and now that they are all gone we turn the page and start anticipating yet another favorite time of the year: the Golden Week.

This year, as we’re getting ready to welcome a new era in the Japanese history, Golden Week stretches to a whole 10-day vacation, from April 27 through May 6. If you’re a last minute vacation planner and like to play it spontaneously (aka you don’t have a Golden Week agenda yet), read on — here is a list of recommended events, destinations and things to do during the upcoming holidays.

1. Golden Week 2019: 12 Things To Do If You’re Staying In Tokyo

Since Golden Week is one of the longest holidays in Japan, the golden routes get overpacked, traffic is horrendous from Tokyo toward central Japan, and hotels, plane tickets and train fees skyrocket. Staying in Tokyo, therefore, could be a wise decision. The good news is that there’s plenty to do in the city to make the most of your holidays. This article will take you to a list of Savvy Tokyo-recommended things to do during Golden Week if you’ll be staying in or near the capital.

2. This Golden Week: Tokyo Area Events For Apr 27-May 6

See our picks of the best events happening in and around Tokyo during this Golden Week.

3. Golden Week with the kids: 50 Things To Do With The Kids In Tokyo

Running out of ideas to keep the little ones entertained? This Savvy Tokyo article is the perfect guide to the most exciting family-friendly adventures in the wide Tokyo area. If you’re spending the holidays in the capital with the whole family, use this guide for fun ideas of where to go, what to see and what to do together with the kids this spring.

4. Where To Dine (And Drink): 5 Spots For Boozy Weekend Brunches In Tokyo

The best thing about Golden Week is that most likely you don’t have to work, so why not use this time to catch up with friends over an afternoon cocktail? Here are five great spots in Tokyo where you can drink carefully selected booze from the early hours of the day ’till late in the evening.

5. Golden Week in The City: 50 Ways To See, Feel, And Taste Tokyo

Whether it’s food, culture, art, history, shopping, or adventure you could conceivably spend your entire life exploring Tokyo and never even feel like you’re going beyond scratching the surface. Here are 50 of Savvy Tokyo’s recommended ways to enjoy the city to the fullest.

6. Golden Week Travel Ideas: Tottori

Tottori Prefecture is a place that ticks all the criteria for a relaxing women’s travel destination: exciting experiences, culturally rich, safe, delicious local food and natural sights, and most importantly — conveniently accessible but lacking the crowds. Plus, it’s just an hour and a half away by plane from Tokyo. See these photos if you need to convince yourself further!

7. Golden Week Travel Ideas: Themed Travel: From Tokyo To Shizuoka In Search Of Tea

Follow the ocha trail into the heart of Shizuoka prefecture for the best tea experience ever! For recommended onsen (hot springs) in the Izu area, check out this article.

Have a great Golden Week however you choose to spend it!