Kanji Cheat Sheet: Microwave Ovens

'How do I work this thing?'

By Elisabeth Lambert
December 27, 2013

Have you ever scorched meat while trying to defrost it in your Japanese microwave? Or left a liquid in so long that it bubbled over and created a huge mess? If so, you're not alone. Japanese microwaves can be wonderful machines to own, with plenty of options and features not available on their Western counterparts. However, most have buttons that are strictly in Japanese, which can make them difficult for some of us to operate.

This list of common kanji and kana found on Japanese microwaves should simplify things a bit, and hopefully help you get more out of this very useful everyday appliance.


Microwave Oven Kanji and Kana

電子レンジ     microwave mode

解凍     defrost/thaw

肉     meat

さしみ     sashimi

あたため     warm up/heat

オーブンレンジ     oven mode

レンジ     stove/kitchen range

グリル     grill

オーブン     oven

強火     high heat/flame

中火     medium heat/flame

弱火     low heat

とろ火     simmer

調理     cook

両面焼き / 両面グリル     cook/grill both sides

トースト / トースター     toaster mode

1枚 / 2枚     one or two slices (of toast)

フライあたたため     heat fried items

お弁当     heat a bento box

ケーキ     cake

のみもの / 飲み物     drinks

1杯 / 2杯     one or two drinks

あたためスタート     start heating

10分     10 minutes

1分     one minute

10秒     10 seconds

とりけし / 取り消し     cancel

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