Kanji Cheat Sheet: Temperature Control

By Elisabeth Lambert
November 6, 2013

Now that the mercury has started to drop, do you know how to switch your air conditioning unit to heating mode for the winter? Or how to use it as a dehumidifier? If not, don't worry: you're not the only one. To help out kanji-challenged expats in Japan, we've put together the following list of characters to help you get your apartment at the optimal temperature, without pushing every button on the remote in a desperate trial-and-error strategy.


Temperature Control Kanji and Kana

温度     temperature

切替 / 運転切替    change operating mode

運転切換    operating mode

暖房    heat/warm

冷房    cool

ドライ    dry (cool) air

冷房    cold air (air conditioning)

送風    fan only

除湿    dehumidify

換気    ventilate

風量    fan speed

弱    gentle/weak

強    strong

風向    air flow direction

空清  / 空気清浄    clean/filter air in room

気流    take in outside air

フルパワー    full power

For a list of additional kanji that are useful when operating general appliances, click here.


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