The Oldest Sake Shop in Tokyo

By The Savvy Team
May 24, 2016
Food & Drink

It’s kind of amazing to think a that single business entity can have roots that go all the way back over 420 years to 1596­. While there are a number of such businesses here in modern Japan, it’s still quite impressive.


In the mini-documentary, Four Centuries’ Passion for Sake: Tradition and Practice at Toshimaya, our friends at explore the history of the venerable Toshimaya tavern and brewery, the ingredients and processes involved in sake brewing and through personal narratives learns about the motivations and inspirations for key members of Toshimaya’s professional family.

All shot in beautiful, high-definition video—or flip over to their YouTube channel to watch it in visually stunning 4K.

Connect with Toshimaya


Twitter: @toshimayahonten



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