Delicious Modern Greek Food at The Apollo, Ginza

After falling in love with Greek food during a family trip around the Mediterranean several years ago, I have been trying to find those same...

By Kelly Wetherille
April 4, 2016 | Food & Drink

This Weekend: Tokyo Area Events for April 2–3

It’s the first weekend of April and despite the hustle and bustle associated with the beginning of the new academic and fiscal year (or preparations...

By The Savvy Team
April 1, 2016 | Lifestyle

All You Need to Know About Japanese Cherry Blossoms

“Sakura, sakura, ima saki hokuru” (桜、桜、今咲き誇る; cherry blossom, now you are in full bloom) sang Naotaro Moriyama, son of the gorgeous Japanese folk and Jazz...

By Ai Faithy Perez
March 31, 2016 | Lifestyle

Get Down at an 80s Disco Dance Party

Admit it. You love music from the 80s and sometimes hold private dance parties at home, where you sing along to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston,...

By The Savvy Team
March 30, 2016 | Lifestyle

A Facial Fit for a Queen (of Pop) at Nagomi Spa

From singing, dancing and songwriting to acting and filmmaking, it seems there is little that Madonna can't do if she puts her mind to it....

By Kelly Wetherille
March 29, 2016 | Health & Beauty

This Weekend: Tokyo Area Events for Mar. 26–27

It's finally spring! With the recent announcement that Tokyo's cherry blossoms are now officially blooming, many will be spending the weekend outside, either testing their...

By The Savvy Team
March 26, 2016 | Lifestyle

Tokyo Fashion Week Fall 2016: Part 3

Tokyo fashion week has now come to a close for the season, but the last two days brought some of the more interesting and directional...

By Linda Haberberger
March 25, 2016 | Fashion

Ikebana Photo Exhibition at the New Takanawa Prince Hotel

Ikebana, the traditional Japanese flower art, is an ancient form of expression and worship that remains an important cultural asset to this day. To the...

By The Savvy Team
March 23, 2016 | Art & Culture

Palawan: Backpacker’s Paradise to Grownup’s Haven

The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands, the majority of which seem to be blissfully gorgeous—local lore says that Alex Garland was inspired...

By Emily Paine
March 23, 2016 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Preparing Your Child to Walk to School in Japan Without You

Perhaps the biggest and most immediate change that accompanies your child’s graduation from kindergarten to elementary school in Japan is her newfound independence. No longer...

By Kirsty Kawano
March 21, 2016 | Families

Tokyo Fashion Week Fall 2016: Part 2

Tokyo's biannual fashion week moves ahead, with days three and four bringing everything from beautiful kimonos in modern prints to androgynous, oversized outerwear, and even...

By The Savvy Team
March 18, 2016 | Fashion