Authentic Afghan Cuisine at Pao Caravan Sarai, Higashi Nakano

I love traveling. And what’s more, I love eating. Even though I make it overseas once or twice a year, globetrotting on a stuff-my-face quest...

By Ai Faithy Perez
February 13, 2015 | Food & Drink

Kurokawa Hot Spring Village, Kyushu

The charming hot spring village of Kurokawa in Kyushu is such a gem that I had a dilemma about whether or not I wanted to...

By Joanna Pearce
February 12, 2015 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Learn About and Make Your Own Japanese “Wagara” Patterns

The next time you see a traditional kimono, a Japanese hand towel or a purse, take a close look at the patterns. Notice anything familiar?...

By WaNavi Japan
February 11, 2015 | Art & Culture

Recipe: Healthy Valentine’s Day Chocolate Hearts

This time of year, stores all over Japan are overflowing with Valentine's Day chocolates. Unfortunately, most of what's available is highly processed and contains loads...

By Luisa Heenan
February 10, 2015 | Food & Drink, Health & Beauty

Brooklyn’s Gorilla Coffee Hits Shibuya

Brooklyn-born coffee shop Gorilla Coffee has recently opened in Shibuya and is offering its “mighty strong coffee” along with some other novel menu items. The...

By Kirsty Kawano
February 9, 2015 | Food & Drink

Rich Land, History and Culture in the Oki Islands

Spectacular views, horses and cows grazing in the distance, fascinating rock formations and delicious seafood are just some of the things you can find on...

By Bonnie Waycott
February 6, 2015 | Lifestyle, Out & About

Raw and Vegan Food at Rejuve, Iidabashi

"You are what you eat" is the motto of the raw and vegan restaurant Rejuve in Iidabashi. At first, this sounded a bit corny to...

By Katharina von Tschurtschenthaler
February 2, 2015 | Food & Drink

Sponsored Video: Life Well Travelled

"Life Well Travelled" is a new refreshing video campaign released by Cathay Pacific, with the core message being that traveling well is an important part...

By The Savvy Team
February 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

Honolulu: The Savvy Insider’s Guide

Due to its relative proximity and some cultural similarities, Hawaii is a popular destination for those traveling from Japan, but many people stick to the...

By Cheryl White
January 29, 2015 | Adventures, Lifestyle

Give Your Career a Boost with McGill MBA Japan

Have you ever thought of returning to university? Perhaps you are feeling trapped in your job and want to turn your domestic career into an...

By Katharina von Tschurtschenthaler
January 28, 2015 | Careers

Japanese Ways to Combat the Cold

As winter deepens, here are a few simple ideas borrowed from the Japanese to incorporate into your daily habits to help protect you from the...

By Kirsty Kawano
January 27, 2015 | Health & Beauty, Lifestyle