Post a Letter Events Hit Tokyo

Here's something that may make even digital addicts will forget their smartphones and screens for an hour or two. The "Post a Letter" movement just hit Tokyo, with monthly events taking place at Greed Café in Shibuya. Never heard of these events? Think of them as the equivalent of the "slow food" movement, only instead of food, the focus is on the art of written communication. So if you sometimes catch yourself staring at your screen every other second, you might want to give it a try.

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Having originated in Canada, the “post a letter” idea quickly spread to many European countries, especially Denmark, where the PAL SAC (Post a Letter Social Activity Club) gained huge success. “I really got hooked on it,” says Danish-born Anne Cathrine Dahlgaard, who attended various letter-writing events in Copenhagen and has now brought the concept to Tokyo. “Even though I never thought I would be into the ‘slow life’ trend that is getting so popular, ‘post a letter’ provides space for me just to zone out.”

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The principle is very simple: sit down, pick up a pen and paper, and write a letter (by hand, of course) to anyone you like. It can be any type of handwritten communication: a postcard, a personal letter, a political letter, fan mail, or something experimental.

Have a drink, chat, and socialize with other letter writers in between sentences. The best part is, aside from any food or drinks you decide to purchase, the event does not cost anything. Anne provides free stationery and stamps for up to three letters. The venue for this pop-up letter-writing station is a cozy new place in the popular Tomigaya neighbourhood of Shibuya. Greed Cafe serves hand-dripped specialty coffee and a wide range of New York-inspired healthy comfort food.

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So take some time out, have a seat around the long wooden table, exchange ideas with fellow letter writers, sip a delicious café au lait (or a glass of champagne if this helps with your creativity), and enjoy the perfect setting for reflection.

The Deets

When: First Thursday of each month, 8 p.m.

Where: Greed Café, 1-4-3 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

How much: Free!

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