All Things Sakura 2020

8 Articles To Read To Get Your Sakura Mood On

The temperatures are rising, the winter coats are traded for lighter jackets and the cherry trees are blooming, which means it’s time for one of our favorite Japanese traditions: hanami (cherry blossom viewing). This year’s hanami season is a little special, with global authorities asking us to #StayAtHome, avoid crowds and basically refrain from doing picnics under the sakura trees as much as possible.

But you don’t need to go outside to get into your hanami mood and we’ve got your back with our everything sakura 2020 selection so you’re superbly sakura-savvy🌸. Here are eight Savvy Tokyo articles to read to make the most of your sakura experience this year, inside or outside. 🌸

1. 10 Of Tokyo’s Most Beautiful Sakura Viewing Spots

All Things Sakura 2020

A quick guide to 10 of the capital’s best cherry blossom viewing spots. From Meguro River to Tokyo Midtown, this article will help you build the perfect travel itinerary for the sakura season in Tokyo. If going out is inevitable for you: wear your mask, keep your distance and wash your hands before getting your cherry blossom fix in the capital!

2. The History Of Hanami: Cherry Blossom Viewing Over The Ages

History of Hanami© Photo by Toyohara Chikanobu

Did you know that the hanami tradition date back to 831 in Japan? If you choose to stay safe and not to go out to enjoy hanami and cherry blossoms this year, read this article to learn everything you need to know about sakura and hanami, and why there are so many trees along rivers in Japan.

3. All You Need to Know About Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Real sakura fans can never be satisfied just looking at the pretty flowers—they want to know all about them. So Savvy Tokyo has prepared for you an article introducing the secrets of every sakura petal; their types and differences. After this, you’ll easily be able to tell your friends and family differences between kawazuzakura and someiyoshino.

4. Tokyo on Foot: Meguro River Cherry Blossom Walk

Contributor Cheryl White takes you on a relaxed journey on foot along the Meguro River—one of Tokyo’s most popular and picturesque cherry blossom viewing destinations. Savvy Tip: #StayAtHome this year and keep this walk in your to-do list for sakura 2021!

5. Recipe: Matcha Macarons

Matcha Macarons

During the hanami season, cherry blossoms are not the only stars to look at: matcha is largely under the spotlight as well. The really vivid color of matcha is a perfect pairing with the typical light pink of cherry blossoms: when staying at home, test your patisserie skills with this classic but always fashionable recipe.

6. Recipe: Sakura Mochi

Do you want to try cooking sakura flowers this year? Start preparing for the cherry blossom season by learning a few key Japanese treats that are commonly eaten during this special season. This is a quick guide to cooking the famed sakura mochi—you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to make yourself!

7. The Fine Line Between Sakura And Romance

The hanami season in Japan symbolizes both ends and beginnings: the end of the cold winter days, end of school, end of your last job—or residence. Simultaneously, it also opens the buds of everything new in the Japanese people’s lives: new jobs, new academic year and even relocation. Is it accidental that this also implies to relationships? Not really. This article tells you why.

8. 6 Ways Japanese Spring Can Cure The Blues (Like It Cured Mine)

Spring is all about new beginnings. This article tells the story of a Kiwi woman who became very homesick after coming to Japan and how the Japanese spring helped her change her perspective and move on.

Bonus: Savvy Tokyo Contest—”Your Sakura Fashion”

Last, but not least, tag your best family-inspired sakura photos of the year with #savvysakura2020 for a chance to have your shots featured on Savvy Tokyo and win a family-size picnic basket filled with sakura goods and other fabulous prizes! Check out all the details of our #StayAtHome friendly Savvy Tokyo Photo Contest here. The contest runs until April 10. Good luck!