Where To Buy Plus Size Women’s Clothes And Shoes In Japan

Strong, Beautiful And Trendy At Any Size

By Mariela Nikolic
August 28, 2018

Four affordable brands and stores that sell anything but Japanese standard free sizes.

Shopping in Japan is like getting lost in Alice’s Wonderland — every little gadget comes in multiple different colors, crazy designs, tons of fun shapes, and there’s literally everything for anything you need. But when it comes to fashion, oftentimes it feels like there’s too much of very little: there are very few options for people who aren’t the “standard” Barbie size, and the “Large” sections at any department store, with their massive tablecloth-look-like jeans and colors varying from grey to, um, gray, look more like a dead zone than the fun shopping experience it is supposed to be.

However, with Tokyo being one of the world’s major fashion capitals, things are starting to change and finally, over the recent years we’ve begun witnessing a slow, but steady increase in brands that target curvier girls. So, without further ado, here they are, four of our favorite brands in Tokyo that support all the curvier and taller ladies out there!

1. Punyus

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Whether you are a veteran or not to the Japanese fashion scene, Punyus is the word on the street. The brand is produced by Naomi Watanabe, the famous comedian turned actress and fashion designer that quickly rose to fame in 2008. Punyus offers sizes up to 6L in all colors and fun designs. Watanabe, who is one of the few “plus size” celebrities in Japan, describes Punyus as “a brand where everybody should enjoy fashion without stress.”

Punyus sells everything from accessories to pants, skirts, dresses, swimwear and more; from everyday clothes to casual evening wear — and shoe sizes larger than 25 centimeters. You can find Punyus in Tokyo (Shibuya 109 6F, Solamachi 3F, Lumine East Shinjuku 2F), Yokohama, Sapporo, Nagoya and Osaka as of present, but their easily navigated online shop will make you spend your money faster than you think. The online store is also available in English, Chinese and Korean through Google Translate and offers free shipping for purchases over ¥8,000. Prices from: ¥1,000.

2. Eur3

Eur3 is a brand that focuses on “stylish comfort and elegance” and targets mostly women in their 20s to their mid-40s. Here you can find casual and office wear, evening dresses, as well as accessories, bags and a smaller collection of shoes (though over 25 cm sizes are not available). Their sizes vary from LL (the smallest) to 6L and sometimes bigger depending on the item. Eur3 has numerous stores across the country from Hokkaido to Kyushu. In Tokyo, you can find the brand at Shinjuku Marui, but if you prefer shopping online, their online store, despite being in Japanese only, is very easy to navigate. Prices from ¥1,990.

3. Nissen

The holy grail of playful, cute, casual, elegant and sexy wear. Nissen is one of the longest selling Japanese brands that carry sizes from LL all the way up to 10L in a variety of categories of clothes — all at very reasonable cost. Though Nissen can only be found online, it offers a great variety of basic clothing, underwear, special sizes for women taller than 170 cm and women shorter than 150 cm. And even though their shoe collection is not that big — mostly containing flats and short heels — their sizes range from 19 cm up to 29 cm which is one of the biggest ranges I’ve ever seen in Japan. The downside of Nissen is that its site is only available in Japanese. But with a little help from Google Translate, you can get around pretty easily. Prices from ¥790.

4. Alinoma

Alinoma is a one-stop shop for everything fashion, from street style to office wear to evening gowns. The online store has a wide range of clothing, mostly targeting women from their 20s to their 50s. Their sizes range from a Japanese L up to 10L and have a good collection, though their shoe options are pretty slim, with sizes only up to 26 cm and choices limited to sneakers, flats and short heels. Recently, Alinoma has also started featuring a few foreign brands, so their underwear section is now more vibrant and fit for women with larger breasts.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all featured items on the site are offered in sizes up to 10L, so make sure to preset your search preferences to your desired size on the side bar prior to your virtual shopping spree. Prices from around ¥1,300 to up to over ¥40,000.

For Western brands that deliver to Japan, see this article. For online stores offering larger shoe sizes, see here.

Do you have a favorite plus size brand or shop in Japan? Let us know in the comments?