11 Made In Japan Gifts To Take Back Home For The Holidays

Makanai Gold Face Mask


In Kanazawa where gold leaf manufacturing has been popular since ancient times, it is said that "applying gold to an affected area on your skin will cure it" and "gold which is rested on your forehead will melt any fever away." Gift this fun full-face sheet of gold to a loved one with an interest in high-class Japanese beauty. Buy at all Makanai Cosmetics stores in Japan or online.

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Seigado Matcha Bowl


Seigado is a high-end pottery and kitchenware store from Kyoto with hundreds of years of craftsman skills and wisdom accumulated to produce traditional items to enrich our life. Seigado’s matcha bowls are the perfect way to gift a true Japanese essence. Purchase online or at the Seigado store in Kyoto.

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Nousaku Kago Foldable Basket

From ¥4,536 (S size)

Nousaku is known for their advanced casting techniques, expert knowledge and traditions that have been passed down through generations. This fun foldable basket comes in various shapes and sizes but bends easily to fit whatever purposes you have in mind. It can be a fruit basket, a wine or bread holder, or even a design on your wall — your choice! Purchase online or any Nousaku shops around Japan, including Matsuya Ginza and Nihombashi Mitsukoshi.

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Koh Gen Do Premium Beauty Oil


Another gift recommendation for J-beauty lovers. This premium beauty oil by Koh Gen Do is sparkling for the holiday season and will leave your skin equally luscious. Can be used on face, body and hair. Purchase online or in store at Koh Gen Do stores in Azabu Juban, Shin Marunouchi and other.

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Ryukyu Glass Necklace


Ryukyu glass is another traditional Japanese craftsman technique from Okinawa. It is said the technique was introduced after the second world war where glass was desperately needed in Japan. Japanese craftsman took any glass they could find (such as coke bottles thrown off American ships) and recycled it by melting it down and re-blowing it to create other glassware. These handmade jewels are a perfect way to present a gift of history and the beauty that has come out of it. Purchase online or in store at Chouhichi glass studio in Okinawa.

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Edo Tsumami Earring & Hairpin Set

¥31,000 (Including shipping)

This special handmade set of earrings, hairpin and coat string by Himeko incorporates a traditional Japanese technique known as Edo Tsumami that involves the small foldings of cloth materials. These Himeko decoration products were wrapped to represent the frozen night sky and are a perfect gift for winter for anyone who likes to add a little something to their outfit! Purchase online.

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Asakura Senpu Furoshiki


Furoshiki is a very popular Japanese gift. The name furoshiki (cloth wrap) was acquired during the Edo period where people would need to wrap up their items when going to public baths. Asakura Senpu Furoshiki are extra special with advanced water repelling technologies and fashionable designs. Purchase online or in store at Tokyo Yamato Nadeshiko Daimaru department stores.

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Tatami Yoga Mats


The perfect gift from Japan for a yoga-loving friend. These tatami yoga mats are made with rice straw core similar to tatami mats that are used as flooring in a traditional Japanese home. The mats are also designed with traditional Japanese patterns such as styles with sakura flowers and Mt Fuji. Purchase online.

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Nagae Seto Hangetsu-Kyusu Kettle


With 1,300 years of history, Nagae Seto is one of the six ancient kilns in Japan. With minimalistic modern designs and a touch of history, Seto goods are perfect for gifting to all. In the case of Hangetsu-Kyusu you are able to choose which texture you’d like to incorporate to the lid design making it a touch unique for the receiver. Purchase online.

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Five Woods Unisex Business Bag


Five Woods has a boasting history of over 120 years specializing in the luggage industry. Their 1890 Trad leather business bag expresses their elegance and richness through their use of traditional and advanced sewing techniques designed perfectly for either sex to carry. Purchase online or in store at Rimowa Ginza.

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Rice Storage Cabinet

From ¥5,800

A very special rice cabinet handmade by a kiribako craft maker. Made with tung, a material used to store precious items since ancient times, the cabinet excels in humidity control and preserves the rice in an ideal atmosphere. The design is minimalistic and stylish, making it an easy interior display item, too. Purchase online.

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