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Savvy is Tokyo’s foremost platform for women looking for the latest scoop on what’s new in fashion, food and fun in this great city. We seek out the best hidden shops, the coolest bars and the most cutting-edge salons in order to bring inspiration and knowledge to our savvy readers. Our content is fresh and our opinions are honest—just like you wouldn’t lie to your best friend, you can trust us not to lie to you. The Savvy community consists of urban explorers, trendsetters and fun-seekers from around the world, whether they’re living in Tokyo or just passing through. Join us on our journey as we continue to relentlessly explore one of the world’s most vibrant, ever-changing cities.

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Note: To keep our costs down so that we can bring you more great content more often, sometimes Savvy contributors dine, drink or receive treatments or services with the compliments of the places they are reviewing. However, as a rule, no business featured on our site ever gets text approval of our articles, so you can trust our opinions to be real and uninfluenced.

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