Top 12 Sakura-Flavored Sweets & Drinks For 2017

Andaz Sakura Macaron

The queen of all macarons and the treat that makes you wish it was sakura season all-year-round. The perfect combination of rich sakura filling with white chocolate. Beautifully decorated with pickled sakura on top. ¥1,200 for three. Buy at Andaz Toranomon Hills.

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Lupicia Spring Tea Set

Tea brand Lupicia's signature spring Petit Tin 3 items Tea Bag set combines three mini tins of Sakura&Berry, Sakura Vert and Sakura — the perfect tea flavors for the season. All tins can be purchased separately, too. Buy at all Lupicia Jiyugaoka flagship store and other locations. ¥1,730.

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Sakura Mont Blanc & Verrine

Japanese patisserie & restaurant Kihanchi offers two unique sakura season-limited sweets: Sakura Mont Blanc (¥584), a mild combination of white beans paste with cherry blossom-flavored butter cream, and the Sakura Verrine (¥562): three layers of pistachio, cherry mousse and sakura jelly. Buy at Kihachi Atre Ebisu (3F) and other locations. Until April 25.

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Salame di Cioccolato Sakura

The perfect addition to the table if you're having guests over. This "salami" is made of chocolate, marshmallow, pecan and hazelnuts. Buy at Grand Hyatt Tokyo's Fiorentina Pastry Boutique. ¥1,800.

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Starbucks Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino & Latte

These two only-in-Japan drinks are a savoring combination of white bean jam, condensed milk, sakura blossoms and leaves, shaved chocolate flakes and roasted mochi rice pink balls. Sakura Blossom Cream Latte (¥430-¥550). Sakura Blossom Cream Frappuccino with Crispy Swirl (¥570-¥650). Buy at every Starbucks in town until March 14.

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Sakura Mochi Taiyaki

The fishing season this year calls for goldfish filled with sakura paste head to tail with the perfect white omochi treat right in the center. Buy at Gin No An Solamachi (Tokyo Skytree) store and other locations. ¥180.

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Shack-ura Shake

Shake Shack Japan's original drink for the seasons is a mouthwatering combination of the brand's signature vanilla custard ice cream with cherry blossom jam. Buy at all three Shake Shack stores in Tokyo. ¥530-¥700. Until March 31.

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Fachion Eclair Sakura

A Wa-inspired French treat filled with mild custard cream, dry cherries and topped with beautiful edible sakura petals. This one will impress even your most dessert-savvy friends. Buy at Takashimaya Shinjuku, Nihonbashi and Yokohama stores. ¥486 apiece. Until April 12.

Sakura Mochi

A traditional Japanese treat with a taste of spring: sakura-flavored mochi and red beans paste elegantly covered in a single sakura leaf. At your local Lawson convini. ¥130.

Sakura Wine

Produced in Yamanashi, Japan's famed winery region, this cherry-blossom flavored wine is the perfect edition to your spring dinner. Buy at all Kaldi stores across Japan. ¥1,274.

Sakura Cookies

This simple spring-limited product from Muji has an authentic sakura taste and shape. Buy at all Muji stores across Japan. ¥250 for a pack of ten.

Sakura Souffle Cheesecake

Another convini product for your spring inspiration — this fresh sakura-flavored cheesecake literally melts in your mouth. The perfection is completed with topped with salted cherry flower. Find at your local Lawson for ¥230 apiece.