12 Of Tokyo’s Best Valentine’s Day Sweets To Say I Love You

Palace Hotel's Palette

This exclusive creation of Palace Hotel's pastry shop is the perfect seasonal gift for both chocolate lovers and artists. Every piece of this playful set is edible, including the paint tube and paintbrush which are made from chocolate and creamy hazelnut paste. Limited to 100 pieces. Sold until Feb 14 at the hotel's pastry shop. ¥4,200

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Peninsula's Coeur de Fraise Cake

Fit for nothing but your ultimate honmei choko, this "strawberry heart" cake will melt anyone's heart at a glance. Enjoy four layers of pure sweet indulgence: from a hazelnut and chocolate bisquette at the bottom, to sweet-sour strawberry coating and custard and milk chocolate in-between. Go on, spoil all your senses! Buy at The Peninsula's Boutique & Cafe until Feb.14. ¥4,200.

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Park Hyatt's Strawberry Heart Cake

This ultra delicious and oh-so-Instagrammable Strawberry Heart cake is made of hazelnut flavored chocolate mousse cake filled with strawberry jelly compote. Buy at Park Hyatt Tokyo's pastry shop in Shinjuku until Feb 14. ¥4,400.

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Pierre's Coffret au Chocolat Premium

For the ultimate chocoholics, this work of art is made entirely from chocolate, including the box. Enjoy the delicious mix of ganache and truffle chocolates inside the box, as well as, oh well, the whole thing bite by bite. Buy at Pierre Ikenoue, just outside Ikenoue station. ¥1,977

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Rihga's Chocolat et Petit fleur

This almost too good to eat chocolate bar is decorated with gorgeous fruits, nuts and flowers, and comes in two flavors, milk and bitter chocolate. Buy at Melissa Gourmet Boutique, inside Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo. ¥800 (small), ¥1,400 (large). Until Feb 14.

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Ritz-Carlton's Heart Shape Tin

This special V-Day gift box from the Ritz contains an assortment of carefully crafted chocolates of raspberry, champagne and Earl Grey flavors. A truly elegant gift! Find at Ritz-Carlton Café & Deli until Feb 14. ¥3,200

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Peanuts Cafe's Brownie Cherry Chocolat

This rich brownie gives you a hint of how love tastes for Charlie Brown and friends: sweet, fresh, and just a tiny bit sour. The dessert plate also comes with a card to write a sweet message for your loved one. Enjoy at Peanuts Cafe in Meguro until Feb 14. ¥950

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Grand Hyatt's Strawberry Calzone

This unique strawberry calzone is filled with white chocolate, mascarpone and raspberry purée, served together with pistachio ice. Chocolates might be great, but this strawberry fusion treat is what it takes to literally warm their hearts! Sold at Grand Hyatt's Fiorentina Italian café until Feb 28. ¥2,000

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Lola's Deluxe Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Lola's Cupcakes is releasing a stunning, seasonal selection of British cupcakes flavored and decorated just for Valentine's Day. This is the perfect gift for a partner with the ultimate sweet tooth and in case you're bringing something for everyone at the office! Find at Lola's Cupcakes in Harajuku and Roppongi Hills.

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Grand Hyatt's Baton Chocolate

Grand Hyatt's V-Day line-up features the simple but charming Baton Chocolate, which comes in sweet and milk chocolate flavors. Most importantly, however, it comes with the opportunity to write your own personalized message, making this gift a truly one of a kind. Order in advance. Sold until Feb 14. ¥2,160

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Andaz's Valentine Day Sweets

Andaz Tokyo's famous pastry shop is bringing a range of fun and romantic sweets, including the edible Chocolate Lipstick Set (¥2,200), Valentines Lollipops (¥1,450) and the unbeatable in taste Love Heart Macarons (¥2,500). Buy at Andaz Toranomon's pastry shop.

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Conrad's Tokyo Heart bar

This heart-shaped candy bar has a beautiful design and a unique taste, combining chestnut pound cake with raspberry marshmallow and pistachio ganache. Buy them at Celies on the 28th floor of hotel Conrad Tokyo. Sold from Feb 7 to Feb 14. ¥950

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