15 Sakura-Inspired Beauty Products To Try This Spring

Fancl's Sakura Mild Cleansing Oil

Take the day off with this gentle cleanser suited for your sensitive skin in the spring. Buy at all Fancl stores across Japan. ¥1,700.

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Sakura Blanc's Sakura Hair Cologne

Get ready for your hair commercial moment. Joul's Verni's once-a-year special Sakura Blanc brand features a feminine floral blend of cherry blossoms and vanilla notes in a bottle. Buy at Cosme stores in Kichijoji, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. ¥1,300.

Makanai's Sakura Bath Salt

Soak your body in a lavish cherry blossom bath with Makanai's seasonal sakura bath salt. Available at all Makanai stores across Japan. ¥1,037.

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Makanai's Sakura Solid Perfume

Another seasonal favorite from Makanai's spring collection, a hydrating shea butter and jojoba oil infused solid cherry blossom-scented perfume for your perfect spring scent. Available at all Makanai stores across Japan. ¥1,404.

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Hanauta's Sakura Hand Soap

Feel the spring in your hands with this gentle sakura-scented hand soap. Buy at all Loft and other cosmetic stores across Japan. ¥480.

Afternoon Tea Living's Sakura Hand Cream and Lip Set

The perfect floral gift for you or your girlfriends, a moisturizing treat for the dry spring season. Buy at all Afternoon Tea Living stores across Japan. ¥1,620.

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Fiancee's Sakura Body Mist

Lift the spring spirits with this refreshing body mist featuring sakura and musk notes. Available at Plaza, Matsumoto Kiyoshi and other cosmetic stores across Japan. ¥1,200.

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RinRen's Sakura Hair Treatment Set

Featuring four different types of sakura and eight national plant extracts, this natural hair treatment set is bound to give you healthy and shiny hair in time for the new season. Buy at all Loft stores across Japan. ¥3,300.

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Shu Uemura's Sakura Hydrability Mask

A moisturizing gel mask infused with rose and sakura petals to prep your skin for the spring. Buy at all Shu Uemura stores across Japan. ¥6,800.

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Dior Snow's Blush'n'Bloom Palette

Taking inspiration from the flowers of the spring, Dior's new blush can give you that fresh rosy glow perfect for the warmer months. Buy at all Dior stores across Japan. ¥8,208.

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Ma Cherie's Sakura Shampoo & Conditioner

Popular Japanese hair care brand Ma Cherie's sakura shampoo and conditioner duo is created to bring you the ultimate relaxing bathing experience. Buy at all major drugstores. ¥1,382.

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The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream

Infused with extracts from cold pressed cherry blossom petals, this rich body cream melts onto your skin to create a gentle lasting sakura scent. Buy at all Body Shop stores across Japan. ¥3,240.

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L'occitane's Cherry Pastel Hand Cream and Jelly Fragrance Set

Inspired by the beautiful spring season, this Cherry Pastel Cream and Jelly will leave your skin feeling like soft cherry blossom petals. Buy at all L'occitane stores across Japan. ¥4,400.

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SKII's Full Line Trial Kit Sakura Limited Edition

Time to revamp your skincare routine for the new season with SKII's trial kit including the popular facial treatment collection. Limited-edition available at SKII stores, Takashimaya stores and online. ¥10,692.

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Shizendo's Sakurayuki-Hada Face Mask

Created to whiten and moisturize your skin, this sakura-inspired natural face mask collection is the solution to all your skin problems. Buy at Azabu Harieq Salons in Azabu Juban and Shinjuku or through Rakuten. ¥1,800.

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