Nupur Singh

Nupur said yes to a wedding planner job in a Bangkok hotel 10 years ago, mostly so she could travel the world for herself. Since then, she has worked in marketing and communications, which made her realize her real passion was storytelling. Quickly after, she started writing content for holiday advertising platforms, food tech companies, and farm-to-table online platforms. Nupur has been lucky to call India, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and currently Tokyo home. Since her move to Tokyo in December 2018, her accomplishments range from contributing to several online publications to gaining 7 kg. She loves to travel in all its glorious forms, whether it's the remote off-the-grid cycling around Okinawa's tiny Mangrove island—Iriomote—or watching ice drift on an Icebreaker ship in Abashiri, Hokkaido, or just strolling around her Tokyo home, walking into lanes she hasn't before. Nupur believes the sense of adventure is the soul of travel; find her exploring the back alleys of Tokyo, where she believes you are always in for a surprise.

Articles By Nupur