Looking For Babysitters? Take Advantage Of CareFinder’s Special Limited Discount

Register Before May 31 To Pay Only ¥1,490 a Month For The Rest Of 2017

Are you a parent juggling several jobs at the same time? Or looking for some time away to catch up with duties outside your home? Or simply in need for some time alone — or a date with your partner? It isn’t always easy securing some time for yourself, largely due to anxiety that there’s no one to look after your precious ones while you’re away.

But here is where CareFinder comes to help, providing not only fully bilingual babysitting services, but also making sure that you can find the safest babysitters at the time you need them. The company is now offering a special promotion for new customers, so if you’re a parent in need for some help — use this opportunity to sign up now.

Megumi and Trevor Moss, the couple behind CareFinder, with their daughter.

About CareFinder

Founded in 2013 by Megumi Moss with the help of her husband Trevor, CareFinder is a bilingual babysitting matching service based in Tokyo and operating throughout Japan. Since its launch, the company has grown from zero to having over 1,000 regular users and over 300 registered babysitters in less than four years, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after bilingual babysitting services in Japan.

The key to its success so far is its very friendly user interface, its great database of professional (and multilingual) babysitters, highly reasonable rates, always up-to-date information on the site, and the constant opportunities for interactions between parents and babysitters, in-line with the company’s principles of “building a community,” rather than serving as an agency. Read more on why the Savvy Tokyo team believes CareFinder’s babysitting services are making a difference (and why they’ll be beneficial for every parent.)

CareFinder’s Special Promotion

CareFinder has a fixed monthly fee of ¥2,980 and direct hourly payment to the sitters starting at ¥1,200 an hour — a very reasonable amount for anyone who is in continuous need for babysitters year-round, or parents who often have unexpected duties. To put this in perspective, the average fees of most major Japanese babysitting services include a one-time registration fee (around ¥20,000 to ¥30,000 on the average), yearly fees and hourly payment direct to the sitters.

But CareFinder now also offers a special 50% discount for any new registrations made until May 31, 2017. Those who register by the end of this month will pay a monthly fee of only ¥1,490 until the end of 2017. The payment to babysitters is done directly and the company isn’t charging anything on top of the monthly registration fee.


To register for their services, visit their website at  www.carefinder.jp/enFor more information, contact CareFinder at info@carefinder.jp or 03-6721-9708.