Shinagawa International School

  • Age: Ages 3-12
  • Area: Shinagawa (Tokyo)


Shinagawa International School (SIS) is an IB PYP-accredited school situated between Shinagawa Seaside and Aomonoyokocho stations within a walking distance from each station. The school offers preschool classes (ages 3 and 4), a kindergarten and a primary school (G1-6). Established in 2007 in Shibuya, originally SIS was situated inside the Jingumae Public Elementary School Campus in Shibuya Ward, but, at the of end June 2018, it was relocated to its current premises in Shinagawa.

Nourishing and celebrating diversity 

SIS is considered to be a community of learners. The school is fortunate to have teachers and students from over 20 different nationalities which forms a great mixture of different experiences and cultures and results in the formation of a multicultural and diverse learning community. SIS celebrates its diversity not only in regular class activities but also by hosting an International Children’s Festival every year.

Teachers design learning activities which empower students’ academic achievement and personal passion for life-long learning. Social development is a high priority at SIS, and its mixed age group After-School Program activities promote interaction among children of different ages. All lessons, activities, and school events are designed based on students’ culture, beliefs, and backgrounds. SIS’ unique cultural features are respected and celebrated in order to encourage understanding and appreciation of diversity. The result is a challenging, non-discriminatory learning environment which is responsive to the needs of its learners.

Respect for individuality and unity

Teachers plan lessons and learning activities based on students’ needs. A high teacher-to-student ratio allows the school to know its students well and differentiate instruction to best help each child achieve his or her learning, personal, and social goals. Each student is respected as an individual with different strengths and interests.

The SIS learning community includes representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds. Events like Japanese Culture Day and exchange activities with local schools encourage respect and appreciation for other cultures and our local community in Tokyo. The SIS learning community is based on mutual respect and open communication between staff, parents, and students. Parents cooperate in many aspects of school life, such as participating in class activities, volunteering to enhance the library and media center, accompanying classes on field trips and holding fundraisers like a bake sale for International Children’s Day.

Educational Philosophy

SIS Vision: To foster passionate, independent, highly-motivated learners who actively contribute to world peace.
SIS Mission: To provide a multicultural learning community which nurtures passion for academic, social, and personal success.
SIS Educational Philosophy: SIS aims at educating each of its students to be:

  • Inspired and independent life-long learners
  • Academically, artistically, socially, and physically balanced
  • Inquirers and problem-solvers
  • Multilingual communicators
  • Responsible and principled internationally-minded citizens
  • Appreciative of our local community


  • Number of Students: 70
  • Number of Teachers and Staff: 15
  • Student Population: 44% female, 56% male
  • Student Nationalities: 20


  • Early Learning Center (3-4 years old)
  • Kindergarten
  • Primary Classes
  • Music Room
  • Art Room
  • Library
  • Gym
  • Samezu Athletic Park (5-min walk)
  • Samezu Soccer and Baseball Ground (5-min walk)
  • Konami Sports Center (1-min walk)

Annual events

*Events written in blue are open to the public, as well.

  • Celebration of Learning (4 times)

  • Winter Performance

  • Year-End Performance

  • International Children’s Day

  • Science Week

  • Numeracy Week

  • Literacy Week

  • Japanese Culture Day

  • Health Day

  • Parents’ Morning (2 times a year)
  • Parent-Teacher-Student Conference (2 times a year)
  • Student-Led Conference
  • Family Picnics
  • Sports Festival (Undokai)

  • School Trips (once a term)

  • Exchange activities with nearby schools
  • Extracurricular activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Yearly Schedule 2018-2019

August ’18

  • 8/24 Parent Orientation & IB PYP Explanation, Coffee Time (After Parent Orientation)
  • 8/27 First day of the school/Fall Term begins

September ’18

  • 8 Family Picnic
  • 11 Autumn Term ASPs start

October ’18

  • 6 Open House
  • 15-19 Literacy Week
  • 18 Celebration of Learning/Parents’ morning
  • 22-26 Midterm Break

November ’18

  • 9 Parents’ Morning/Coffee Time
  • 23 Open house
  • 29 Last day of Autumn Term ASPs

December ’18

  • 13 Celebration of Learning (Class Performances)
  • 14 End of Fall Term
  • 17-31 Winter Break (12/28-1/4 School Closed)

January ’19

  • 7 Winterm Term begins
  • 15 Winter Term ASPs Start
  • 19 Parent Teacher Student Conference

February ’19

  • 1 Japanese Culture Day
  • 8 Celebration of Learning
  • 9 Open house

March ’19

  • 14 Parents’ Morning / Coffee Time
  • 14 Last day of Winter Term ASPs
  • 14 Celebration of Learning
  • 22 End of Winter Term
  • 25-29 Spring Break

April ’19

  • 1 Spring Term begins
  • 6 Spring Picnic
  • 9 Spring Term ASPs Start
  • 20 International Children’s Day/Celebration of Learning

May ’19

  • 1-5 School Closed
  • 8 Teachers’ Day
  • 11 Open house
  • 25 Sports Day
  • 27-31 Science week

June ’19

  • 6 Last day of Spring Term ASPs
  • 19 Celebration of Learning (Class Performances)
  • 20 End of Spring Term
  • 21 Student-Led Conference

July/August ’19

  • 7/8-8/2 Summer School (4 sessions)


As an IB PYP school, SIS offers a comprehensive education that incorporates the five essential elements of the IB program:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Attitude
  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Action

The SIS mission and education philosophy promote a balance between acquiring knowledge, developing skills and promoting positive attitudes and attributes that will contribute to every students’ capability to be inspired, lifelong learners. The students’ action is represented in SIS’ vision statement that will guide them to be global learners who contribute towards world peace.

Classes at SIS are timetabled with Japanese lessons, depending on the ability of the individual. Classes follow the books Kokugo (Japanese as a Native Language) or JAL (Japanese as an Additional Language).

For more details on school subjects and curriculum focus, see here.


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Contact Information

Address: Shinkan Bldg. 3F, 4-8-8 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-(0)3-6433-1531 / Fax:+81-(0)3-6433-1532

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