10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1,000

Affordable Way To Spice Up Your Home Vibe

By Fairuz Emran
June 16, 2020

Though the presence of small decor pieces in your home is not as vital as having a fridge or a washing machine, these items are surely essential in their own way.

From your living area to your kitchen, and even up until private spaces like your bathroom, the importance of knick-knacks around the house should not be ignored. As a matter of fact, they not only add volume and depth to the ambiance of the residence but also give a personal touch to it, which in most cases is requisite if not meaningful. In other words, these elements prevent any home from being stiff and dull. 

There are plenty of house décor items available in the market, ranging from as low as ¥100 (I love you Seria) to as lavish as ¥10,000 (yes Zarahome’s vase, I am looking at you). The former does not necessarily mean it will be less pretty in the same way the latter is not entirely better. Depending on your budget, there are many ways to tackle the process of decorating your dwelling without breaking the bank. This time around, let’s take a look into some aesthetic goods under ¥1,000!

1. Coral decoration

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Coral sculpture

This fancy-shaped interior ornament is a perfect addition to any shelf, rack, sideboard, coffee table, console table, or even bookcase. Though its purpose is solely for decoration and no other, the porous texture of the coral casts a subtly-appealing image on a space, easing up any flat visual perception of the area.

Brand: Søstrene Grene

Price: ¥531 

2. Flowerpot shell

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Shel flower pot

Why stick to a plain pot when you can have such an adorable figure? Another lovely piece from Søstrene Grene is this gorgeous shell-shaped flower pot which does not only hold and display flowers but also acts as a decoration item. With or without flowers, it is exquisite on its own and none of your guests will miss from adoring this cute, quirky item produced by the company founded by two sisters—Anna and Clara—of Danish origin.

Brand: Søstrene Grene

Price: ¥918

3. Wood hook

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Wood hook

Wooden hook or peg rack is another must-have in one’s home. While the thing itself is barely noticeable, the myriad of elements it can hold including a tote bag, face towel, mat, jacket, kids’ clothes, and many others will unequivocally leave a big impression towards space and eliminate any chance of the area from looking too bare. This wooden hook from H&M Home that comes in three colors—beige, white, and black—is such a good deal and should not be missed! 

Brand: H&M Home

Price: ¥599 

4. Poster

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Artsy poster

Adds some artistic mood in your place with this minimal abstract poster from H&M Home. Simple yet stunning, it will surely hook its viewers’ eyes. 

Brand: H&M Home

Price: ¥999

5. Clear glass flower vase mini

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Flower vase

Brace for more vase as there is never a too much vase situation. Chuck in some hand-picked fresh flower into this H&M Home‘s vase and you have yourself this gorgeous, minimal flower jar. One great thing about vase is that it is not only functional but also serves as a sculptural element to space even when it is not filled with any foliage. The shape and form of the piece are unlimited, making it easy for you to find one that suits your home theme any day. This black clear glass element, for example, is basically everyone’s extra home partner because of its wide versatility.

Brand: H&M Home

Price: ¥399 

6. Teapot

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Tea pot

When it comes to the teapot, the sky seems to be the limit and no one has agreed upon a standard design. Fairly easy to find especially in Japan where tea is actually part of its local culture, the material used to make this item ranges from ceramic, metal, and glass. This ceramic one from Flying Tiger Copenhagen is so catchy as it combines both traditional and modern elements into one figure, and what is even more amazing is its price point! Serving tea and design taste at the same time, the teapot is such an evergreen choice of house décor. 

Brand: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Price: ¥550 

7. Soap dispenser

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Soap dispenser

Tired of bathroom accessories that look like it-is-probably-time-to-throw away? Amp up the decoration drama in your private space with this grey color nifty-designed soap dispenser. Not merely will it add style to the washroom, but it will also create a more contemporary and exclusive feel to it without costing a fortune.

Brand: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Price: ¥660 

8. Watering can

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Watering can

It is such a pleasant state to see more and more people are becoming passionate about keeping plants at home, if not turning a crazy-plant-lady. Whether you are watering a few indoor plants in your living room or countless ones in your compact Japanese yard, watering can comes handy for the task. This exquisite product from Ikea not only does the job but also serves as a decoration piece when not in use. The ivory-colored body with a gold handle is a win!

Brand: Ikea

Price: ¥799

9. Macramé wall hanging

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Macrame hanging

Recent years have shown a craze comeback of bohemian design and eclectic details in décor trends. From rattan product to cane-webbed furniture, and even macramé, this style—that reached the peak of hipness in 1970’s—looks even better now than ever thanks to inventive modern-day artisans and makers. When it comes to macramé, wall hangings tend to be the most sought after. Perfect as a decorative accent by itself, or juxtaposed to the existing framed arts, your wall will be tedious-away with this woven décor piece.

Brand: Awesome Store

Price: ¥869 

10. Chocolate fondue

10 Aesthetically Pleasing House Décor Items Under ¥1000 - Chocolate fondue set

Who can resist this eccentric chocolate fondue from Franc Franc? While it is not really a décor item, its appealing design satisfies the aesthetic characteristic of one, ticking a box as a multipurpose ornament. When not in use, display it on your shelf for an extra touch of embellishment to your house. Whether you are already a sweet tooth or will be after purchasing these household goods, you (and your home) will never regret the decision of getting this appliance.

Brand: Franc Franc

Price: ¥980 

For under ¥1,000, let’s get your spaces spruce up easy-on-your-wallet way!

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