4 Out-Of-Office Spots To Get Some Work Done

You Don't Always Have To Be Stuck In The Office

By Anna Jamieson
July 24, 2017
Careers, Lifestyle

Productivity needing a boost? Here are our picks of the best places to work around the city.

If you’re a freelancer working from home or you’re starting to feel a bit bored with your everyday office environment — provided that you work for a company that doesn’t necessarily need you to sit in your office chair to prove that you’re getting the job done — chances are the draining summer heat isn’t proving conducive to long periods of concentration and you find yourself dreaming of a quick escape.

Working away from the office is not only about concentration. A recent article from The Guardian stressed that working outside has various positive effects on people because they spend time around others which proves a vital way to weather work-related stress. With this in mind, spending time in co-working environments, even if sitting amongst complete strangers, is a great way to stay upbeat and not feel overwhelmed by your workload.

Here are our picks of the best social spots in Tokyo to get your work done fast.

1. Communal work spaces

Tokyo has an abundance of co-working spaces, which for a small fee allow you to rent a desk space for a day, week or year. Handy websites such as Copass and coworker.com are great ways to discover local destinations which are close to home and can be used cheaply, giving you a sense of office camaraderie without working full time.

I personally love Editory with its shared communal spaces, kitchen, and speakers, as well as Connecting the Dots, just a few minutes walk from Yoyogi Park. Co-ba in Shibuya also has a relaxed vibe, with big wooden tables and regular events for those using the space to meet one another. Central locations like this make these spots great places to spend the afternoon, before meeting friends for drinks or dinner.

2. Bookshops

Plenty of bookshops in Tokyo now have working areas and coffee shops integrated into the shop floor, making them an ideal place to not just work but be inspired by the people and books around you. A very obvious contender for the best bookshop to work on is the brilliant Daikanyama T-Site, which has virtually become a pilgrimage site for like-minded freelancers working across the city. With its multiple floors, sections, cafes, and areas to work, it’s a great base for solitary focus and meetings alike. The Tsutaya at Nakameguro is also a good, slightly smaller place to work from, as is the new Tsutaya Electrics in Futakotamagawa. For a slightly less busy option, try part bookshop, part cafe Niko and… close to Shibuya, which has plenty of plugs and large communal tables.

3. Cafes

It may seem an obvious choice, but finding a cafe with decent wifi, multiple plug sockets and an ambiance conducive to hard work can be tricky. But various chains and independent options manage to get the balance just right between a crowded, noisy affair and a silent, intense atmosphere.

I love City Bakery, with its various spots in Ginza, Shinagawa, and Nakameguro, which incidentally proves a great place for meetings. Try the Tenoha complex in Daikanyama which has various indoor and outdoor locations to work in, as well as great shops and cafes to keep you entertained in your breaks. Lattest Omotesando is also a great option for those wanting to escape the beaten track, with great coffee and baristas, good wifi and a laptop-friendly vibe.

4. Libraries

For some good old-fashioned focusing, the serene and silent atmosphere of a city library may be more up your street. Tokyo has some great public libraries; the Tokyo Metropolitan Libraries includes both Central library in Hibiya, as well as the slightly smaller Tama Library with a very clear English website giving instructions about how to use their services. For a more unusual option, the Tokyo National Diet Library, also in Hibiya, is a good, central option and allows one-day membership. Or for those who have membership to the Tokyo American Club, they have a fantastic library with lots of events for children too.

For more ideas for helpful work space options in your area, workfrom curates a selection of cafes, book shops, and communal workspaces that are perfect for freelancers in Tokyo — be it group friendly spots, cafes serving food or alcohol, outdoor areas or eacon-equipped spaces. Happy working!

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