5 Japanese Beauty Products to Try in August

Good Morning Beauty!

By Alisa Kerr
August 3, 2016
Health & Beauty

This month's products are all about maximum results with minimal effort - so you can really mean it when you say "I woke up looking like this."

Saborino Morning Face MaskSaborino Morning Face Mask

Price: ¥1,400
Where to buy? Available at most Japanese drug stores
Beauty brownie points: The cool, tingling sensation helps to wake you and your skin up!
Best for: Anyone who wants to speed up their morning skincare routine

Ever heard of a morning skin mask before? I hadn’t either until I discovered the genius Saborino Morning Face Mask. What is unique about this mask is that no cleansing is required before you apply it. The mask acts as a skin cleanser, skin treatment (primarily for tightening) and a moisturising base all in one step. Packed with natural and skin loving ingredients, these refreshing masks are the perfect way to start your summer days.

CanMake Prefect BB SerumCanmake Perfect Serum BB Cream

Price: ¥800
Where to buy? Available at most Japanese drug stores
Beauty brownie points: Packed with 21 skin-perfecting ingredients
Best for: Achieving a flawless medium to high coverage on the the skin with a satin finish

Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream is another multitasking beauty product that will be a welcome addition to your morning beauty routine. This high coverage BB cream is your serum, moisturiser (if you don’t have dry skin), foundation and UV protection in one. The rich-cream formula contains 21 beauty-loving ingredients, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, royal jelly and arbutin which work to nourish the skin throughout the day. Easy to apply with either your fingers or a foundation brush, this BB cream offers medium to high coverage, perfect for covering any imperfections and creating a flawless satin finish. It’s available in two shades: Light and Natural.

CanMake ConcealerCanmake Cover & Stretch Concealer

Price: ¥780
Where to buy? Available at most Japanese drug stores
Beauty brownie points: Contains SPF and is waterproof
Best for: Perfectly covering imperfections like dark circles and acne scars

Ever feel like your concealer disappears as soon as you put it on? Or that the formula is too heavy and obvious? Finding a good quality concealer can be tricky. There needs to be balance between coverage, hydration (particularly important around the eyes) and staying power.

Canmake Cover & Stretch concealer might look unassuming but it really is a star performing concealer.

With high coverage, this concealer easily hides imperfections, and can be easily blended with any base makeup for a flawless finish. But what is most impressive is its staying power- it remains perfectly in place for hours.

Matomage Hair StickMatomage Hair Styling Stick

Price: ¥398
Where to buy? Available at most Japanese drug stores
Beauty brownie points: Convenient packaging you can keep in your handbag or desk drawer
Best for: Taming unruly flyaways and baby hairs

This clever stick-type hair wax can be applied easily on the go, to remedy a number of humid hair woes. Simply swipe the wax directly over the hair (saves your hands getting dirty) to tame flyaways and baby hairs, secure up do’s and keep your bangs perfectly in pace. The non-greasy formula contains camellia and argan oils to nourish and give a beautiful shine. I love the convenience of the compact packaging which is perfect for my handbag. Try it in either Regular or Strong Hold.

Quality 1st Eye MaskQuality 1st Deep Moisture Eye Mask

Price: ¥1,900 (60 masks)
Where to buy? Available at most Japanese drug stores
Beauty brownie points: Includes it’s own set of tweezers for picking up the masks, keeping them clean and hygienic
Best for: Hydrating and firming the eye area

Quality 1st Sheet Masks are one of the most popular brands of face masks as they are affordable and do a stellar job of moisturising the skin. Now Quality 1st have released their much loved “Deep Moisturising” formula in eye mask form. These are perfect to use when your eyes are looking a little tired, giving the whole area that little extra love by targeting dehydration (reducing the appearance of fine lines) and making the skin feel plump and firm. What’s great is that they’re super easy to apply, as you don’t have to worry so much about lining up the mask carefully as you do with full face sheet masks, and you’re less likely to scare your family or friends when you wear them around the house. Store your eye masks in the fridge and the coolness will help reduce any puffiness. Your eyes will be looking bright and refreshed in no time!

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