5 Stylish (And Sometimes Flirty) Ways To Wear Uniqlo’s White Shirt

Boyish And Sophisticated Budget Looks For The Office

By Emi Schemmer
February 18, 2020

Is the white shirt the new mini black dress?! These 5 looks will surely convince you, follow us and try out the delicate art of the perfect white shirt look

Mastering the office dress code is never easy, especially in a city like Tokyo where trends are always on the move. However, the business culture remains traditional, conservative, and sometimes very difficult to gauge. Still, there is an essential to your wardrobe when it comes to business attire: Uniqlo white shirts.

A while ago, we looked at some great ways to style Zara’s signature pencil skirt. This month, we take a look at one of these most common, yet somewhat difficult to “wear it right” wardrobe-essentials.

The “boyish but sophisticated” style is a trend always pushed by popular brands. Uniqlo is proposing the perfect shirts to fit any style in their Uniqlo’s white shirts collection. The worldwide renowned fashion brand offers you every kind of white shirt you need when it comes to business, from all-serious meetings to light lunches in town. 

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As seen in the promo video above, the white shirt is a staple from Uniqlo’s year-round collection, providing various collections of boyish looks with a simple yet cool feminine twist, the perfect tools to rock the gender-bending shirt fashion.

Among them, you can find our favorites: the RAYON LONG-SLEEVE BLOUSE (¥1,990+tax) and the SUPIMA® COTTON STRETCH LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT (¥2,990+tax) series from their Shirts & Blouses collection.

Uniqlo's Supima White Shirt, ¥2,990+tax

Uniqlo’s Supima White Shirt, ¥2,990+tax

These easy-to-wear and oh-so-comfy shirts come in several styles and colors, among which we recommend the long-sleeved white ones because they look fabulous and can be worn even at the most conservative Japanese offices.

Here are five fun and stylish ways to wear them to work—and also on other occasions when you want to let loose but still want to be a boss lady.  

1. Pair It With A Faux Leather Skirt

Uniqlo White Shirt and Faux Leather Skirt

The combination of a classic white shirt and midi skirts has always been one of that classic office-ready yet still feminine looks.

Try something a little different by swapping out your regular pencil skirt for a faux leather (or leather if you wish) one and style with a pair of high heels or even stylish sneakers. It gives you a chic and sophisticated look without making you look pretentious.

2. Rolled Up And Belted


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As we’re getting close to spring, try going for an easy yet stylish Spring-ish look that still speaks ladylike glamour.

Wear a crisp white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to showcase your choice of wrist glamour (remember, don’t go overboard) and finish the look with a leather belt. You can even take it up a notch by finding a real accent belt piece—perhaps something bright and shiny, patterned or even with a big buckle.

Go wild with the belt! You can’t go wrong with an accent piece in your look.

3. Two Buttons And Messy Untucked


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Take your white shirt and button up until your waist before tucking in the button side of the shirt at the front. Leave the other side hanging loose and tug out a bit of the tucked-in side to give that laissez-faire look.

It’s the perfect chaos in-paradise look: it makes you look powerful and lets others know that you’re not afraid of experimenting and breaking the fashion rules while still looking chic.

4. White On White


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Going all white is never a mistake, especially when spring is around the corner. Not only for the Spring-Summer season, but you will also notice it continues through to the colder months’ fashion, as well.

Pair your Uniqlo Supima Cotton Stretch white shirt with a pair of loose-fitting white trousers or skinny denim for an elegant but professional off-the-runway look. To avoid looking like a nurse though, wear a piece of colorful jewelry, a pair of pumps and a bag, or add a few hipster hair accessories. 

5. Wear It Backwards

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The ultimate “I’m going against the rules” look.

Styling a button-up shirt backward is certainly unconventional, but it’s a look that’s easy to pull off and can totally transform your outfit from tidy and clean to stylish yet flirty-feminine and still appropriate for the office. This look can be paired with everything from cropped slacks to a flowy pleated skirt.

If you are worried that it might be too stylish or sexy for the office, wear your shirt forward, half-tucked or even belted and do a quick change into an evening look and see how your friends respond.

The classic white shirt will always be one of those wardrobe essentials that you will find the use of, so stock up on a bunch–different styles, lengths, sizes, and perhaps even try from the men’s section. It’s a great fashion item that truly can be transformed in so many ways.

Trying any of those looks? Tag Savvy at #savvyoutfitoftheday to show off your fabulous style!

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