6 Dog Services You Didn’t Know Existed In Japan

From Taxi To Onsen, It's All Arfmazing

By Marina Hanihara
December 13, 2016

Who's the boss at home? Woof.

Sometimes we want our dogs to experience the dynamic Tokyo life outside of the usual parks and dog runs. Just imagine the fun you would have if your dogs joined you on a shopping spree session, a nice cafe break on a sunny day, or a luxurious weekend getaway. Well, what if we told you that all of that is absolutely possible? Here’s a list of some amazing services catered to dogs, purr-fect to try out with your furry best friend.

No Bumpy Roads: Pet Taxi

Getting around the city with the furry ones is especially difficult for dog owners who don’t own a car — especially when there’s an emergency. There are several pet taxi services operating in certain areas around Tokyo that accept all kinds of dogs, small or large.

If you’re seeking a great service with safety assurance, the Tokyo-based pet taxi company Pet Taxi Smile offers just what you’re looking for. Accompany your dog to trips, hospitals, the doggy salon and much more in a spacious van while listening to relaxing music (a CD compilation called “Dreams of Dogs”). A reliable, licensed driver will provide you and your dog the best ride ever — you know, including things like making sure there are no ruff roads ahead.

Prices start at ¥4,000 for the first five kilometers, and you can also rent the van for six or 12 hours for ¥15,000 and ¥30,000 respectively, if you live in Tokyo. Services are also offered in Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama.

Luxurious Stay: Pet-Friendly Hotel Resort


We all need a break from the mundane city life and if dogs could talk, they’d probably be telling you to get on Expedia right NOW. So, if you’re looking to get away from the busy Tokyo life to unwind in the nature with your dog, a lavish time at Doggy’s Island Resort&Villa is perfect for you. This ultra luxurious resort for dogs, located a little less than an hour from Tokyo in Chiba’s Yachimata city, offers a choice of four villas, each with its own unique aesthetics. Have your dog play fetch in an open field after a luxurious bath in a pool, while drooling (literally) over the chef’s special doggy menu of risotto and croquettes. Choose from Executive Suite and Dog Suites, both equipped with private pools for the lovely price of between ¥44,000 to ¥82,000 per night. If that sounds expensive, let us tell you that you’ll also get high-quality amenity goods for both humans and dogs, including organic shampoo and poo bags.

Lunch Date: Dog Cafe


An afternoon tea session with your furry friend is paw-some. What makes it even better is that the food served is finger-linking good for both humans and dogs — and there’s everything, from meatballs and chicken steaks to pizza and cakes. Deco’s Dog Cafe, located just a few minutes away from Denenchofu station, offers a great variety of food, guaranteed to satisfy you and your dog’s belly. The dog-loving store staff and customers welcome anyone who adores dogs, which means it’s a great opportunity to make some new doggy friends. You can also celebrate your dog’s birthday with a special plate of birthday rolled chicken. Isn’t that what your dog has always dreamed of?

Internal Beauty: Hot Springs for Dogs

If humans can use stress, bad skin and a desire to be beautiful among friends and colleagues as proper reasons to pamper themselves, why can’t dogs? At Tsunayoshi no Yu, located in Odaiba, your dogs can experience a full shampoo session after unwinding in a nice, warm onsen and a jet bath massage. If that wasn’t enough, pampering sessions continue with a relaxing time in a bubble spa and oxygen capsule to cleanse the boss’ pores. The on-site trainers are all reliable professionals, always willing to consult and advise about your dog’s health problems. Prior reservation must be made for most services, except for hot springs, but who wouldn’t go as far as doing that for their beloved pets anyway?

In Good Hands: Dog-Sitting Service

As much as we love them and want them with us 24/7, there are times when we have no choice but to leave our precious furry babies at home — whether it’s due to a sudden phone call from work or just because we can’t stand their intense barking. Worry not — Japan has the perfect services for emergency situations like this. Put your anxieties aside with the help of reliable pet sitters, who come in to take good care of your dogs. Licensed and experienced staff at Catwan Pet Service offer keeping company with your loves while you’re away running errands. The company also offers taking them out for a walk, and caring for elderly dogs. Reservations can be made online or by phone and prices start at ¥3,890 for a 50-minute stay.

Farewell: Funeral Service and Cemetery

Death of our furry best friends is always difficult, and the least we want to do is bid them a proper goodbye. There are many places that provide pet memorial services, including Pet Memorial Park Minami-Tama. Licensed, dog-loving staff will come to pick your friend up by car upon receiving your call, and will offer you three different cremation plans: mass, individual, and cremation in your presence, which allows owners to spend time with their pets until the very last moment. Individual cremations cost from ¥35,000 for extra small dogs to ¥65,000 for large, while tombstone costs start at ¥50,000 to ¥178,000 depending on the coffin and space design. Additional annual maintenance fees will also be required. The cemetery is for pets only and you can visit your friend anytime during opening hours.

Know any other unique services for dogs? Let us know!

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