8 Japan Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow


By The Savvy Team
January 5, 2017
Fashion, Health & Beauty

Your beauty inspiration is just a hashtag away.

Behind the over 114,000 posts tagged #japanbeauty or #japanbeautyproducts on Instagram there is an impressive lineup of unique accounts devoted to all things make-up, skincare, haircare and fashion trends in Japan. Whether you’re a beauty addict or just looking for inspiration for your latest manicure or hair style, here’s our selection of top Japan beauty insider Instagram accounts to follow this year. 

1. All ‘Bout Tokyo’s Street Vogue @Harajuku Japan

It’s all ‘bout that Tokyo street vogue. This amazing account run by Tokyofashion.com makes you a live witness of everything cool that’s happening in Harajuku, be it kawaii jumpers or eccentric hairstyles.

2. The A to Z Eye Makeup Guide @mero5332

Though only focused on eye makeup techniques, this account is definitely your #HowToGetThatMakeUpRight encyclopedia. Mero’s daily feeds include a collage of the makeup tools she’s using to create that golden eye and she guides you through the process step by step. All in Japanese, but the pictures are pretty straight forward.

3. Your Tomorrow’s Party Look Guide @8joe22

Jo Takahashi, a hair stylist based in Tokyo, gives you plenty of ideas on what’s cool and trendy in Japan and what you can do to your hair to avoid looking the same 24/7. A step-by-step guide, this is another account where the pictures are worth a thousand words. #fin

4. Not Your Ordinary Fashion Gal @liveglenwood

A Japanese model, TV personality, a mother of two and a down-to-earth amazingly looking woman, Jun Hasegawa’s account is just as fashion-inspiring as it is simply cool to look at for your daily fix of good vibes and natural inspiration.

5. Your Daily Outfit Coordination @saaaay_k

If there was a fairy of daily outfit coordination, she’d most probably be this lady. Daily posts of elegantly coordinated fashion items from head to toe, explained to users in brand hashtags — i.e. telling you where to head to to get that impressive look. The best thing about it? Most of those clothes can be bought at Uniqlo, Zara, GU and other reasonably-priced fashion brands — but somehow this user makes them all look haute couture.

6. Beauty Products Scoop @TokyoBeautyBook

Savvy’s very own beauty pro Alisa Kerr brings you the latest scoop to all things beauty in Tokyo, including cosmetics, skincare products and quick spa reviews.

7. Your Daily Nail Art Fix @cchannel_beauty

The nail art and all things beauty-exclusive video page from C Channel, Japan’s guide to everything you need to spark up your daily life. Their step-by-step video guides are both entertaining and easy to recreate, even by people who’ve never done nail art before.

8. The Best Of Tokyo’s Street Fashion Snaps @fashionsnapcom

Often times the best of the best happens on the streets and this account is all about that. Presenting to you daily snapshots from the streets of Tokyo, this is a great account for inspiration and ideas for clothes that you can actually buy here in the city. #OrdinaryPeopleLookingGreat

Rhiannon McConnell bag #HERSCHEL #fashionsnapcom #fashionsnap #fashionsnap_women

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Research by Shizuka Sakamoto. Follow her @ril_13 and us @SavvyTokyo.

Have we missed something? What is your favorite Instagram account? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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