Aya Satoh Hoshina

Born in Yamaguchi, and raised in Kanagawa, the United States and Thailand, one of the questions Aya finds the most difficult to answer is: Where are you from? After spending roughly half of her life abroad – which involved graduating from college in Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree, yet moving to Bangkok and taking up purely humanities-related jobs such as an executive assistant, airline reservation agent and English teacher – she finally came back to Japan in late 2011 and is currently in the process of re-learning how to live in this island nation. An ex-editor and reporter of Mainichi Weekly, she now works as a freelance Japanese-English translator, writer and blogger. When not on her PC, she can be found strolling around Tokyo and its suburbs with a camera in her hands, always in search for things to shoot and cozy places that serve good coffee and baked goods.

Articles By Aya