Carpet Doctor to the Rescue

By The Savvy Team
February 19, 2014

Tsuyoshi Takano, manager and “master textile cleaner” at Carpet Doctor, provides his personal mobile phone number for customers to call for an evaluation. When I called, he asked important questions to determine if my silk rug could be cleaned without damage. He was very cautious and forthright about the potential for damage. Tsuyoshi and his team are expertly trained in managing rug fibers, chemicals, dyes, and maintaining pH balance. His technical expertise was beyond my knowledge, but he communicated the process in simple terms that I understood.

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Tsuyoshi recommended an initial house visit evaluation to see the rug in person and give an assessment. When we met, I was impressed by his professionalism and friendly nature. He also speaks English fluently and has lived in Tokyo his entire life. He mainly serves foreign clientele.

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Both my silk living room rug and son’s machine cut wool rug were going to be cleaned the following week. While chatting with Tsuyoshi, I learned more about the Carpet Doctor business. Since its founding in 1998, this family-run business has been serving primarily the Minato-ku area with on-site cleaning services. The business’s motto is “if the customer is happy, we are too.”

The Carpet Doctor does not use harmful toxins, is child safe, and the cleaning procedures follow globally recognized standards. Tsuyoshi gave me invaluable advice that came in handy sooner than I expected: when a stain occurs—red wine, child vomit, pet urine—do not soak the stain in soapy water. Baking soda and seltzer water can sometimes be helpful, but you really should know specifically when this applies. The best clean up is to lightly brush the stain off with a dry cloth or cleaning brush and call the Carpet Doctor. The team is happy to take calls anytime of day to advise you.

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In between my evaluation and cleaning appointment, the dreaded situation happened to me. My son got the 24-hour vomit bug and gave me a big smelly reason to call the Carpet Doctor’s hotline. Tsuyoshi and I shared a laugh about the coincidence and I reported, per his advice, that I used a brush and dry towel to clean up the mess. The Carpet Doctor came to my house soon after, and within two hours both of my rugs were clean as new. Whether your rug has taken a beating or just needs a regular cleaning, call the Carpet Doctor and allow the knowledgeable staff to take care of the rest.

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Tel: 0120-520-225 (toll-free) or 042-645-5202


Service Area: Greater Tokyo and Yokohama

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