Easy Japanese for Ordering Food

Eat In Made Easy

By Shizuka Sakamoto
July 20, 2016

If you're living in Tokyo — or for that matter, most populated cities in Japan — chances are you'll never run out of dining options. There are plenty of "family restaurants" and ramen joints open 24/7 that are inexpensive and offer relatively delicious food. But we all know there are times when we just want to stay in wearing pajamas and looking absolutely horrendous, with messy hair and no makeup; and yet we still can't get that amazing sushi roll off of our minds. No worries, ladies. It's all good, because Japan does "demae," or food delivery service, well. So grab your phone and get the goods delivered straight to your home with this Savvy Tokyo list of useful Japanese expressions to use when ordering in.

First, when they answer your call, say this:

もしもし。  __ の宅配をお願いします。( __ no takuhaio onegai shimasu?)
Can I order __* for delivery?
*Here you say a general term, say pizza or noodles.

Hai, arigato gozaimasu. Gochumon o ukagaimasu.)
Thank you for calling. Are you ready to order?

Then, say what you would like to order.

__ を1つと__を2つください。 (__ o hitotsu to __ o futatsu kudasai.)
Can I get one __ and two __(s)?

お飲み物はよろしいですか? (
Onomimono wa yoroshii desuka?)
Would you like anything to drink?

はい、__を3つください。(Hai, __ o mittsu kudasai.)
Yes, can I get three ___?
いりません。/ 結構です。(Irimasen / Kekkou desu.)
 No thank you.


On most occasions, the staff will repeat your order for confirmation.

Staff: ご注文は__と__でよろしいですか? Gochumon wa __ to __ de yoroshii desuka?
Are __ and __ what all you ordered?

If it is correct: 
Hai soudesu.

If it is not:
 いいえ、__ではなく、__をください。Iie, __ dewanaku __ o kudasai.
Not __, but can I get __?

After you finish ordering, they will ask for your personal information, including address, telephone number and name.

Onamae to renrakusaki o onegaishimasu.)
Can I get your name, address and telephone number?

_   _ です。( _  _ desu.)
My name is _  _.

住所は__です。 (Juusho wa __ desu.)
My address is __.  

電話番号は__です。 (Denwa bango wa __ desu.)
My phone number is __.


The staff will also ask what time you would like to have the food delivered.

何時ごろお届けしましょうか? (
Nanji goro otodoke shimashouka?)
Around what time shall we deliver?

__ ji goro ni todokete kudasai.)
Can you deliver it at around  __ o’clock?

Finally, the staff will tell you the price.

お値段は__円でございます。 (
Onedan wa __en de gozaimasu.)
It is __yen in total.

Last, but not least, if you feel difficult to understand what they say, ask them to speak slowly and repeat what they have said using the following phrases.

 (Mousukoshi yukkuri hanashite kudasai.)
Can you speak a bit more slowly?

もう一度言っていただけますか?(Mo ichido itte itadakemasuka?)
Could you please repeat this?

Bon appetit!

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