Eggslut: Taking A Simple Ingredient To A Whole New Level

Too egg-cited about this Tokyo debut!

Eggs, of course, take center stage at eggslut, an all-day egg sandwich restaurant that has recently opened its doors to Tokyo residents. Test your tastebuds on the fluffy egg sandwiches made with high-quality ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the heart one of the trendiest cities in the world.

If you know anything about Japan cuisine, you know it’s big on tamago (eggs). From thick, egg-based purin (pudding) to the traditional omuretsu (Japanese omelet with rice), eggs are a staple ingredient in Japanese cooking. So it was only fitting that eggslut, a restaurant chain based in Los Angeles, California, open up a shop right here in Tokyo. As the name suggests, Eggslut is famous for taking eggs to a delicious new level. Forget your preconceived notions that eggs are only a breakfast food—this egg-cellent menu goes beyond just a morning meal and proves to be an all-day dining favorite.

A Cool, LA-Style Interior

Eggslut Interior - Eggslut - Taking A Simple Ingredient To A Whole New Level

Once entering the store, you’ll immediately be transported to an upscale, relaxed eatery with cool gray tiling paired with sleek black dining tables and chairs—no surprise coming from a restaurant that based its concept on fine LA dining. The alignment of tall glass panels in place of plain walls makes this egg shop feel way more spacious than it actually is. Just be prepared for the onlooking eyes that will surely be after the sandwich gripped between your fingers.

An Innovation of Comfort Foods

cooking - Eggslut - Taking A Simple Ingredient To A Whole New Level

Eggslut was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2011. The restaurant created a menu that innovated beloved comfort foods and promised fresh ingredients always cooked to order. The result was a wildly popular product and a variety of egg sandwiches that people were more-than-happy to wait hours in line to greet with their tastebuds. Since its beginnings in LA, Eggslut has opened its doors in Venice Beach, Las Vegas, and more recently in London.

Egg-ceptional Eats

Eggslut Meal - Eggslut - Taking A Simple Ingredient To A Whole New Level

The perfect trio: Fairfax Sandwich, The Slut, and the signature OJ.

The menu is sure to delight anyone who ventures into these parts of Shinjuku, specifically the egg-lovers. The “Fairfax Sandwich” is so far one of the more popular sandwiches, made from cage-free scrambled eggs, fresh chives, melt-in-your-mouth cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and the real kicker: a zingy sriracha mayo all hugged by a warm brioche bun. I loved the thick, melty slice of cheddar cheese that blended perfectly with into the eggs. In a country that favors white, highly-processed cheese, finally getting my hands on some quality orange cheddar cheese was a real treat.


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Eating Tip: While absolutely delicious, eating the sandwiches can be a real mess! Every sandwich here is served in a snug paper bag to catch any stragglers and comes with a fork. Fold the bottom of the bag up as you eat, and let the sandwich come to you (give it a little push from the bottom) to prevent a bottom-out egg-splosion. Because the scrambled eggs inside don’t hold together well like a patty would, it’s easy for the eggs to squish out the back. If you start to make a mess, that’s when the fork comes in.

The Slut - Taking A Simple Ingredient To A Whole New Level

The Slut—don’t be intimidated by the name.

It would be a real shame to come to this restaurant without trying out the most suitably named menu item, the “Slut” (sorry mom!) An interesting take on mashed potatoes and eggs, a small glass jar is filled with creamy potato purée where a coddled egg rests gently on top along with fresh seasonings like gray salt and chives. Gently poke the egg with your spoon and the bright yellow yoke will immediately dribble out, ready to be blended with the buttery potatoes that sit just below.

Served with small but crispy baguette slices, you can easily spread the potato concoction like butter or throw manners out the window and just directly dip! The presentation of the “Slut” was unique, but for a restaurant that shares a space with a bakery with the entrancing aroma of fresh-baked bread, I was a bit disappointed in the small and too-thin baguette slices.

Fairfax Sandwich and OJ - Eggslut- Taking A Simple Ingredient To An Whole New Level

Wash down your (somewhat) heavy meal with a refreshing and tangy orange juice. Although it’s not as fresh as if each orange was sliced and squeezed just for you (it comes from a dispenser), the taste was still of authentic, pulpy, American-style orange juice which paired perfectly with the sandwich and pureed potatoes.

If you’re a regular Shinjuku-goer, this conveniently located shop is worth the stop, and I’m sure you’ll become one of the #EggsontheRegs fans!

The Deets:

Eggslut (Shinjuku)
Address: Shinjuku Southern Terrace 1F, 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: Daily, 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Recommended For: Egg-lovers, people who miss LA, anyone in Shinjuku
Prices: Starting from ¥700

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