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October 15, 2013
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With over 10 years of experience as a beauty therapist and a grounding as a personal trainer, Elana Jade, founder of the eponymous all-organic salon in Azabu Juban, knows that what’s inside is as important as what’s outside. It follows that she advocates a skincare and wellness regime of “if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your face.” I oversimplify, but her holistic, organic approach to beauty is smart and has instant results that worked to freshen the skin, body, and mind.

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Especially in Tokyo, we find ourselves making borderline irrational decisions to eat healthy, buy organic. The chase for kale or acai is easier than it used to be (for more on that click here) as awareness of the benefits of a clean diet rise. But too often the approach to our beauty regimens leans away from nature and relies on chemical impurities to resist signs of aging. These impurities are often cleverly manufactured to copy the function and benefit of natural ingredients like jojoba oil or fruit acid to make a product cheaper and easier, like fast food for the skin. The pores in our skin are tiny mouths that receive the soaps, serums and creams we slather on without the ability to filter out these impurities, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream.

So if we are doing such a beautiful job with our farmers market hauls and coconut water, why not do the same for our skincare? Feed your body, feed your mind, feed your skin.

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I visited Elana Jade for the Detoxify Package (for reasons undisclosed) and for two hours the peeling facial, back facial, and retention release righted many wrongs. A long week of too much work, coffee, salt, and not enough sleep, water, or exercise was gently coaxed out and away with Elana’s incredibly deft massage techniques. The peeling facial used a natural fruit enzyme peel that does not contain preservatives, stabilizers, or solvents and is around four times stronger than herbal extracts. My skin instantly woke up in the fresh, almost minty sensation, which thankfully did not approach anywhere near the mild torture of other peels I have tried (endured). The facial massage drew out the puffiness and stagnant impurities under the surface of my skin. While under a soothing mask, Elana used heated and cooled stones combined with specialized massage techniques that relieved tension I wasn’t even I aware I had, especially stiffness behind the ankles apparently from wearing high heels. It also stimulated soft tissue to reduce the collection of fluids in swollen joints. Lifted, lighter, and looser, I basically floated home, where I noticed an immediate fade in the appearance of fine lines and echoes of acne past. Overall, my skin looked fresher and more energetic. This package would be smart after flying, which can disrupt circulation and dry the skin.

Elana told me during the treatment that “placing a dangerous substance on the skin can be akin to drinking it. This is why it’s best to avoid chemical-laden products and instead use the best nature has to offer.” Organic products made by nature are intelligent enough to interact with cells simply and effectively, without adding impurities to the body. That’s why Elana Jade’s entire list of services—including waxing, massages, and treatments for men, couples, bridal parties, and expecting mothers—uses organic products.

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Elana’s Three Pillars of Holistic Beauty: Eat, Sleep, Exercise (or what you can do between treatments to extend their effects)

  • Eat healthily: Consume food rich in antioxidants like açai berry, and other fresh organic fruits and vegetables to maintain balanced hormones, energy, and radiance. Also, consume lots of omega 3, vitamin C, and vitamin E to restore the skin’s collagen. As always, hydration is the key to youthful, vital skin. Consuming eight or more glasses of good quality water a day will help your skin look fabulous.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercise increases your blood circulation, which allows the heart to push more oxygenated blood nutrients throughout the body. This increases radiance and cellular turnover, helping to prevent premature aging. And exercise your face! Just as you need to exercise to keep the vitality of the muscles in your body, it is imperative that you exercise the muscles in your face to avoid sagging and loss of elasticity. Therefore, regular facials with special lifting techniques to stimulate the skin’s elastin, improve circulation, and fight premature aging are recommended.
  • Get your beauty sleep: Your skin does most of its repair work between the golden hours of 10:30 p.m. and 2 a.m. The skin can only function at its optimal level if the other systems have slowed (when you’re asleep), at which point it can then repair the damage that has been created throughout the day. Lack of sleep also causes stress, which can result in breakouts, deep circles under the eyes, and hormonal imbalance (just to name a few). And never, ever, ever go to bed with your makeup on girls, no matter what time you get home.

Offers and promotions at Elana Jade change from time to time, so please see the salon’s website for more information in English and Japanese.

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Address: 3F Latorie Memorial Building, 1−5−19 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6438-9895

Open: Mon 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Wed-Fri 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sat-Sun 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; closed Tue

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