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By For Empowering Women
September 24, 2013

There is something very special about the energy generated by a group of women coming together for a common goal—not to mention the fantastic friendships forged.

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“It gives you opportunity and confidence to power your future, which is why it is the go-to place for learning and connection,” says former FEW president and life coach Sarah Furuya.

FEW is run solely by member volunteers. This year sees a new board and president, Joy Fajardo, who were selected as future-oriented professionals to take the organization to the next level, while serving FEW members and women of Japan.


2013-2014 FEW Board Members

President: Joy Fajardo

Vice President: Christina Hanazawa

Finance Director: Yoko Majima

Membership Director: Sarah Achilles

Program Director: Tiffani Anderson

PR and Information Director: Sheena Bhalla

Information Team: Tonia David

Special Events Director: Hana Gardner

Community Services Director: Laura Cooper

Newsletter Editor: Terri MacMillan


FEW’s future vision is to become a group that is representative of women’s voices, finding honesty with issues that concern women from all walks of life and deciding to be a participant in moving those issues forward. The following four cornerstones of the 2013 – 2014 year will put FEW in more conversations and open up the group to new growth.


Four cornerstones of 2013 – 2014:

  • Fostering the confidence to participate, as well as the tenacity to speak your opinion and engage in dialogue
  • Create access to information and become a gateway to resources
  • Inspiring a new and existing generation of female leaders and sharing our knowledge
  • Protecting our legacy and ensuring our future

For information on FEW membership and its monthly meetings, please see the organization’s official website.

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