Five Of Our Favorite Japanese Baby Products

Baby Must Haves!

By Joanna Pearce
February 26, 2021

As we all know, Japanese companies make some fantastic products that not only make our lives easier, but often have a very unique "kawaii" factor to them as well. Baby products, of course, are no exception.

Here are five only-in-Japan items that both myself and my infant daughter love:

Socks That Don’t Fall Off!

Socks1 cropped

If you are tired of picking up your baby’s socks then you can rely on the Japanese to make smart improvements to one of life’s perennial problems. These socks are not only cute, but they also have a nifty little elasticated section hidden discreetly below the ankle to prevent them from falling off. They are available from the home furnishing store Afternoon Tea which has locations across Tokyo and an online store.

Baby Jinbei and White Kimono

Jinbei cropped

One of the most adorable things about giving birth in Tokyo is the white kimono that your baby will wear in the hospital. They are sold in the hospital gift shop, so be sure to stock up on a few before you go home. As your baby gets bigger you can start to explore the world of baby jinbei (Japanese style pajamas), which is sure to be just the beginning of a colorful journey into Japanese textiles! You can purchase jinbei in many places across Japan and, and they are especially popular during the summer months.

Imabari Towels

Towels3 cropped

Imabari is a city on the island of Shikoku where towels have been manufactured for more than 120 years. Due to an abundance of water from the Takanawa and Ishizuchi mountains, the soft water is considered to be an essential ingredient in making the towels soft to the touch. The famous Imabari towel brand is available in most major department stores. The red, white and blue logo makes it easy to distinguish when you are out shopping. I am a huge fan of this brand and have bought heaps of them! There is a charming range of baby towels, bibs and pillows that make wonderful gifts.

Wet Wipe Warmers

Warmer1 cropped

If you are a fan of Japan’s famous heated toilet seats then why not share the joy of a warm derriere with your little one? While the cooler days continue, your pampered Tokyo baby can enjoy nice warm wet wipes during diaper changes! These machines are available at major electronics stores across Tokyo.

White Rabbit

Rabbit cropped

The famous French giraffe that is loved by babies all over the world has competition from a Japanese rabbit! This toy has been such a huge hit with our baby that the giraffe has been relegated to second place. Manufactured by Toyroyal, the range of soft toys also includes a cat, frog and for a limited time, Pikachu!

Do you have any baby product recommendations? Let us know about your favorite baby must-haves in the comments below! 


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