Genki Sushi: Perfect for Tokyo Visitors on a Budget

By Amanda Taylor
June 26, 2015
Food & Drink

Genki Sushi draws diners from all over the world with two things quintessential to Japan: sushi and super cool robotics. At the Shibuya branch, white tracks line the walls, with little trays whizzing along to serve hungry customers, just like something out of a sci-fi movie. But don’t be intimidated. Although it all looks high-tech, ordering is very easy. Just follow these steps.


1) Tell the staff how many are in your party, and whether you want to pay together or separately.

2) Once you’re seated, grab a soy-sauce tray and cup from the shelf up top. Scoop some green tea powder into the cup and just add hot water from the faucet. Tip: the water comes out in a slow trickle, but it’ll come out twice as fast if you hold down both taps.

3) Each seat is equipped with a touch screen which offers a menu in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Once you pick something, the screen will ask how many pieces you want. Customers can order up to three items at a time. Place your order and wait for the magic to happen.

Genki-Sushi-Buttons cropped

4) After a while, one of three yellow buttons above your table will start to blink. That means the grub is on the way. Soon, a white tray will slide right up. Take your plate and press the blinking button. Rinse and repeat.

5) At any time you can check your tab on the touch screen to see how much you’ve spent so far. Once you’re finished settle your account on the screen and take your bill to the register to pay.

Genki-Sushi-Track cropped

Genki sushi is a great place to take visitors to Tokyo, even those who don’t eat sushi. The menu includes French fries, fried chicken, udon and desserts, as well as some unconventional sushi options such as spare rib. There are also drinks other than green tea, like soda and beer. While the sushi can’t compete with a higher-class sushi restaurant, it’s decent as far as conveyor-belt sushi places are concerned, and the price is right. A full meal will run between ¥1,500 and ¥2,500 yen.

The Deets

Address: 24-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-3461-1281

Open: Daily, 11 a.m.–12 a.m.


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