Global Education In Japan: An Interview With Kincarn International School

What Does It Take To Raise Future Global Leaders?

In a bid to gain perspective on what education professionals at international schools in Japan are doing to provide global education to their students, Savvy Tokyo reached out to Kincarn International School, based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. Here is what they had to say. 

What does your school specialize in?

Our school specializes in child care and child education for children aged between 2 and 6. We aim to equip students with a broader vision and an international mindset.

What parts of the school curriculum and activities include a global perspective? What technologies do you use in and out of the classrooms?

We provide a school life in both English and Japanese; an open communication with international staff members and educators, and we have a diverse student body of children from various cultural backgrounds. We also organize various global events to introduce different countries to our students. 

How do students gain a real-world international perspective while studying at your school? 

Through the following programs and initiatives:

・Show & Tell Program — to ensure self-expression through language and presentation skills
・Dance & Aerobics Program — for children’s fitness and wellness 
・Eurythmic Program — to promote self-expression through basic instrument instructions 

According to your school’s educational policy, what is the most essential factor for raising competitive and fully international future leaders?

We raise children to be equal and learn all fields of education as a means to make them challenge all subjects. We provide a diverse curriculum that cultivates critical thinking and a proactive mindset. 

What does your school value most in children’s education?

We honor different countries and cultures in order to teach children to possess a global perspective of peace and happiness. We think of this as the basis for children’s development. 

To learn more about Kincarn International School, see here.