Kincarn International School

  • Age: 2-6
  • Area: Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture


Kincarn International School is an international kindergarten and daycare center with a history of nearly 20 years of nurturing internationally-minded and rich spirited children. The school provides a safe and dependable childcare environment as well as a high-quality education system for children of ages between 2 to 6 from any nationalities and offers several programs according to parents’ time schedule. The school’s well-developed curriculum and everyday activities are conducted in both Japanese and English.

The school’s goals are to provide and develop:

  • Mental and physical health: A safe environment for the children to develop a healthy mind and body.
  • Relationship with others: Children will foster friendly relationships with others while maintaining and developing a sense of independence.
  • Consciousness of the environment: Through various experiences, children will develop and maintain a curious and inquisitive mind to incorporate into their future life.
  • Language/Communication skills: Children will develop the ability to listen attentively and express their thoughts and feelings both verbally and physically.
  • Life skills: Establish and develop the appropriate social skills based on children’s age. Develop big hearts capable of cooperating, sharing and caring. Promote and guide the children’s independence to achieve social autonomy.
  • Learning skills: Utilizing textbooks, the children will acquire and develop their age-appropriate skills in awareness, memory, language, common sense, reasoning, speech comprehension, etc.


Nursery school (2-3 years old): A day-care operating from morning until evening with adjustable hours to support working parents.

Kindergarten (3-5 years old): Through group activities, children acquire basic social skills and autonomy.

Primary education (5-6 years old): The school provides Japanese classes and offers comprehensive instructions for entering elementary school.

Enrichment classes (2-6 years old): A variety of interactive programs including music eurhythmics, kids aerobics, etc.

Multicultural exchange circle (2-6 years old): Introduction to foreign cultures by the school’s multinational teachers representing nine different countries.

After-school care (7-8 years old): The school offers a “Summer School” education and enrichment program for graduated Kincarn students up to 2nd grade regardless of their current school district or school.


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Address: 37-1 Tsutsumine, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 044-233-3970
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