Innovative Strollers

By Mia Moranza
December 18, 2014

Now that my eight-month-old is ready for a bigger stroller, I have been doing a bit of research on the latest options that are available in Japan. I judge strollers on the following simple criteria: design, weight, functionality, and how quickly I can fold it up and get it into the back of a taxi while holding my wriggling baby in one arm and my bag in the other. While they each have pretty hefty price tags, the following four are some of the more interesting options I have found.


Stokke Crusi: A Multifunctional Stoller with a Cool Design

The design of the Stokke is just as you might expect from the Scandinavian stroller powerhouse, but what really makes it great is its functional brilliance. There are so many options for this stroller, including a matching bag that clips onto the front without taking up any of the undercarriage space (huge marks here). There is also an optional cup holder that is perfect for keeping a bottle of water or hot latte close at hand. On the downside is the folding function. Even once I abandoned my baby and tried with both hands, I could barely get it to collapse. But if you do succeed at folding it, it becomes compact enough to easily fit in the trunk of a car or taxi, and the endless options (bassinet, baby seat, toddler seat, and multiple accessories) are pretty cool. It is priced at ¥50,760 including delivery.


Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand: A Double Stroller That Doesn’t Sacrifice Mobility

For parents with two tots to contend with, the Baby Trend Sit N’Stand is a great double stroller. The narrow profile is great for navigating Tokyo’s narrow footpaths, and the multiple riding positions mean your kids aren’t likely to outgrow it soon. Both front and rear child trays accept infant car seats, and the back seat can be removed for an older child to sit or stand, while still leaving space for shopping and a large handbag. It’s great value at ¥39,080 including delivery.


Jeep Overland Jogging Stroller: For Active Parents

This is stroller designed for thing: running with your child. So if you fancy taking a jog and getting the air in your tot’s hair, then this is the one for you. I am not a runner, but what I loved about this one was the ease at which the large wheels move the stroller forward with minimal effort, and how easy it takes bumps and curbs. Folding it up was not as difficult as I imagined, and it is lightweight despite the large wheels. Your baby can even listen to music while you run by plugging your iPod into the audio tray. Cost performance is excellent at just ¥36,080 including delivery.


4moms Origami: A High-Tech Stroller

This stroller is ridiculously priced, but I must say it is pretty amazing. It folds down with the push of a single button, it has a self-recharging battery that harnesses the power from the wheels, you can charge your phone from it, it has an LCD screen saying how far you have walked and what the temperature is outside, and it even has lights built into the frame to make sure you and your baby are visible when crossing roads at night. The cost is the only kicker, with the cheapest I could find starting around ¥99,000. But if money is no option, I say go for it. I would if I could!

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