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Italian Jewelry Brand FOPE Opens a Flagship Store in Ginza

Everyday Luxury Jewelry

By Kimberly Hughes
April 18, 2024
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Joining only two other international flagships in London and Venice, FOPE Japan clientele just can’t get enough.

Amidst the sophistication of Tokyo’s Ginza district, on a side street flanked by shops that include Paris Miki Optique and Moncler, sits a similarly refined newcomer: FOPE Ginza, which opened its first Japan-based flagship store in June 2023.

Italian Heritage

FOPE Japan Country Manager Momoko © Photo by FOPE

As the company’s third flagship shop worldwide, joining others in Venice and London, FOPE Ginza reflects the company’s Italian heritage beginning with the building itself.

Its outer facade is crafted using terrazzo—a hefty material that FOPE Japan Country Manager Momoko Ishida describes as having involved a significantly challenging undertaking by local shokunin (master craftspersons).

The result is a sleek exterior featuring pyramidal edges, which is illuminated each evening after dark to envelop the building in a softly illuminated glow.

FOPE Ginza’s interior, built in the style of Renaissance humanistic architecture, features the striking view of three arches that serve to separate the space into three separate zones: a spacious entrance, a central customer service area and a private VIP section toward the back.

FOPE’s name is an abbreviation from the original Italian that translates as “Factory Jewelry Precious Export.” The company’s beginnings extend back to 1929 when founder Umberto Cazzola opened a workshop in the northeastern Italian city of Vicenza. This location remains FOPE’s center of production today, where successive generations of his family members have remained committed to expanding the company while also retaining its core values.

The Highest Standards In Craftsmanship

Fope Japan The Highest Standards In Craftsmanship© Photo by FOPE

Ishida explains that FOPE’s roots lie in machinery and engineering, along with its commitment to the highest standards in craftsmanship. These elements have combined to form the company’s innovative signature style—found in each one of its jewelry pieces, whether bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings: an 18-karat gold chain featuring a patented technology known as “Flex’it”.

“FOPE’s engineers developed a machine technology for inserting spring coils inside of the chains, thereby resulting in a stretchable flexibility that allows for each jewelry piece to be put on and taken off with ease,” Ishida notes. “This no-clasp style, as well as the ability to mix and match different pieces from our various collections, are innovations that reflect FOPE’s unique approach to jewelry making; we called it everyday luxury, jewelry that can be worn 24/7”.

Versatile Jewelry For All

Fope Japan Versatile Jewelry For All© Photo by FOPE

Ishida explains that Fope’s collections are typically genderless—with one possible exception being “Man,” featuring black diamonds. 

She also emphasizes the jewelry’s versatility, including earring chains that may be worn long or looped. In addition, she says, customers may select between chains that are either round, oval or flat; as well as among color schemes of yellow, white or rose gold. She also notes that letters can be used to create stylish personalized pieces through the use of initials or full names.  

While FOPE’s numerous collections may seem overwhelming simply due to the sheer number of possible options, staff are extremely attentive and will take the time to help each customer select the pieces that best match their desired features.

A must-see and try in FOPE boutique?

Jennifer Lopez’ latest music video, “Can’t Get Enough,” features the singer wearing a FOPE necklace from the Eka Mia Luce collection. It is the only one of its kind that exists in the entire world, Ishida explains—and it is available in FOPE Ginza.

For more information about FOPE Ginza, see its official website (Japanese only).

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