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Japan’s Love Hotels: 5 Luxury Stays In Tokyo

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By Hilary Keyes
November 22, 2023
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Want an experience you'll never forget? Try one of Tokyo's most luxurious love hotels.

Love hotels (ラブホテル, rabu hoteru) are the Japanese take on a no-tell motel. Although, in true Japanese fashion, they can range from perfunctory/outdated box rooms with a bed, to all-out, indulgent apartment-size spaces.

While many might stumble across a love hotel during a particularly good date, some plan entire dates based on visiting one, and if you want to set the mood, you need to choose carefully. Generally speaking, cost performance and availability are vital to keep in mind, but things such as whether the room has an open-air bath, for example, are also points to consider. If you’re looking for unique stays, then please check out this article for 10 love hotels to suit every taste.

Whether you plan on visiting by the hour, a few hour-long stay (宿泊, shukuhaku), or an overnight rest (休憩, kyukei), if you want to enjoy an intimate moment in luxury, the following five hotels offer just that.

1. Hotel X

Japan's Love Hotels: 5 Luxury Stays In Tokyo© Photo by Hotel X

Located a five-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station, Hotel X is somewhat pricey, but thanks to a recent renovation, is now known for its over-the-top retro-luxury style. With full privacy guaranteed, this downtown hotel also has three suites with open-air baths. Their regular baths also come with a wide variety of amenities, so if you want to focus on soaking in style, Hotel X may be your best option.

2. Hotel Bamboo Garden

Japan's Love Hotels: 5 Luxury Stays In Tokyo© Photo by Hotel Bamboo Garden

Hotel Bamboo Garden is the epitome of modern Japanese elegance. The rooms are sleekly designed, come with welcome drinks in the room, platters of fruit (inquire at the desk/while making your reservation) and have a bar menu that rivals some actual bars. Their most popular branch, Hotel Bamboo Garden Kinshicho, can be found a five-minute walk from Kinshicho Station on the JR Chuo/Sobu and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon lines. Room 901 at this hotel also offers a balcony barbecue service, so if you’d like to have a private cookout while gazing at Tokyo SkyTree, this is your best option.

3. Hotel Sara Grande Gotanda

Japan's Love Hotels: 5 Luxury Stays In Tokyo© Photo by Hotel Sara Grande Gotanda

Reopened in May 2022, Hotel Sara Grande Gotanda combines both luxury and uniqueness. Every single one of their rooms is different; some are “standard” hotel rooms, but the vast majority are based around a theme such as camping, clubbing, a doctor’s office or even a ninja’s hideaway. It can be found a five-minute walk from Gotanda Station or a two-minute walk from JR Meguro Station.

4. Koyado Hotel

Japan's Love Hotels: 5 Luxury Stays In Tokyo© Photo by Koyado Hotel

The smallest hotel on this list, Koyado Hotel has only eight rooms total but each is simple and stylish. Inspired by nature, the rooms are done in sustainable wood and stone designs and come with Tempur reclining beds. The only downside to these rooms is that, while they have showers, there are no bathtubs. Hotel Koyado is located 30 seconds from the north exit of JR Uguisudani Station on the third floor of the K1 Building. On the first floor is a Smile drug store.

5. Designer’s Hotel & Spa Pasha Resort

Japan's Love Hotels: 5 Luxury Stays In Tokyo© Photo by Designer’s Hotel & Spa Pasha Resort

Located a six-minute walk from the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station, Designer’s Hotel & Spa Pasha Resort features modern, elegant and somehow edgy at the same time suite rooms. While it varies by room, each comes with drink services, specialty baths (including rock baths, en suite saunas and mist/rain showers. Their selection of amenities is very popular with women, according to their customer reviews and apparently, Pasha Resort welcomes party reservations as well.

Please note that, while these hotels are known for their luxury rooms, those rooms are limited in number, cost more than their standard rooms and book up very quickly during peak times. If you are hoping to stay in a particular hotel or room, you should book online ahead of time.

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