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By The Savvy Team
December 2, 2016

Desperately in need to change the layout of your room, yet dreading to stand in long lines, explaining what exactly you need in limited Japanese? We've got a place for you.

If you’ve ever attempted to find that perfect table set or a comfortable reclining chair that’s reasonably priced, of good quality and has a unique design, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of exasperation at how difficult this may actually be in Japan. Yes, furniture shopping here is not an easy task, as it often involves waiting in long lines and filling in complicated shipping bills. And if you’re looking to decorate your room with something a bit more sophisticated, you’ll probably need to empty your bank account in a single shop. Luckily, a new bilingual Tokyo-based furniture and decor online shop has just opened, promising to solve all these problems.


The Tokyo-based branch of a family business selling outdoor furniture in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, Paradiddle opened in Tokyo this summer, offering a wide variety of furniture and interior decoration items catered to a clientele that wants comfort as much it does good design and reasonable deals.

Organized in “Search by type” and “Search by Room,” shopping on this site is not only practical, allowing you to find the exact furniture item you need, but also interactive, as you get to imagine how it will actually look in your room. The site offers everything from tables, chairs, desks and sofas, to bathroom furniture, wooden chests, tote bags, and cute kid’s furniture that are uniquely designed to make your home look almost fit for an interior design magazine photoshoot. It also has a good selection of decor and kitchen items, including colorful pillows, and plate and mug sets.


The Rumbletoid Monster – Longoland, ¥2,000

Paradidle’s furniture is almost entirely made of natural-wood and eco-friendly materials and is designed to meet functional means in both urban or outdoor spaces, adding a feeling of natural and relaxed ambience. The store further provides custom orders, whether it’s extending the length and width of purchased or already existing furniture, or building indoor items from scratch.

Run in both English and Japanese, orders are done easily, with a simple click on the site  (and a credit card), and the goodies are delivered straight to your apartment on the average of a week to ten days from purchase.

Knock On Wood Dining Set, ¥90,000. Currently on sale

As in most family businesses, one of the best features about this store is that customers can communicate with the owners (a lovely Taiwan-Japanese young couple based in Tokyo), through the site and explain the exact needs they have. So getting that dream table set will not be impossible after all.


Charles Bronson Relax Chair & Ottoman, ¥89,000

Getting that dream table set will not be impossible after all.

Prices on the site vary from ¥1,000 for a tote bag to ¥198,000 for a natural wood full sofa set for at least four— plus the dog and the cat. The store also organizes seasonal sales, including the currently ongoing special Christmas deal, so most of the items can be purchased at a bargain price if you visit the site regularly.


Albuquerque Sectional Sofa Set (¥198,000) and Pillow, designed by artist Frankie Cihi (¥4,500)

So if you’re moving anytime soon or simply want to add a new vibe to your interior without going through the hassle of shopping in chain furniture stores, click here and start browsing. Because, as it says on its website, Paradiddle is “Always Open. Always Living.” Happy shopping! 

Savvy Tokyo-Exclusive Deal

All Savvy Tokyo readers who purchase over ¥15,000 worth of products are eligible to a 10% discount and will receive a complementary plant stand. For purchases under ¥15,000, readers will receive a 10% discount only. The offer applies per purchase. To use the discount, enter the code “savvytokyo” when finalizing your purchase. Read here for more details.

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