Personalized Tours with Mini Trip Japan

By Mia Moranza
January 1, 2015

As anyone knows, Japan is a place that offers endless opportunities for exploration, and no matter how many times you visit or how long you live in the country, there is always a new discovery just waiting for you around the next corner. If you have very specific travel interests or are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, you may want to get in touch with Tokyo native Tomomi Takiguchi, founder of Mini Trip Japan.


No matter where your travel destination, it always makes a huge difference to have a local show you around. Often, this is the only way you will find that not-in-the-guidebooks restaurant or an out-of-the-way scenic spot that takes your breath away.

This concept is the premise for Mini Trip Japan, which gives tourists and foreign residents alike the chance to experience Japan with a real local guide. All Mini Trip tours are bespoke and created just for you. “Firstly, I meet with the clients face-to-face if they are in Tokyo or speak with them by phone or email to find out what exactly they are interested in, and more importantly, I try to get a feel for their personality. This is essential so I can come up with a trip that ticks the boxes for what my clients want to do, but also allows me to add all of the smaller touches that will transform a great trip into an even better, unforgettable experience,” explains Tomomi.


Although she only started Mini Trip Japan in August of this year, Tomomi already has a wide range of bespoke tours under her belt, from fishing excursions in Chiba to a garden party at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and she relishes each challenge her clients give her. “A lot of the time we might have two conflicting requests from couples, for example the husband would like to play golf and the wife would like to go shopping. In this case I arranged a tee time for the husband next to an outlet shopping mall, where I assisted the wife in navigating the sales,” Tomomi said. “Afterwards, I took both to a local winery for a special tasting and dinner and then stayed at local ryokan. Both were very happy!

In order to keep things small and to be able to provide a personalized experience, the maximum number of people Tomomi will except for a mini trip is six. She usually will need at least two weeks’ notice to prepare for any trip. Pricing can be set to a budget, and Tomomi is very transparent about showing the costs. In fact, for some pretty amazing tours the prices are as low as ¥5,000! “For me, the motivation for Mini Trip is showing our beautiful country to foreign visitors, and the gratification I feel when I know that they have felt the warm heart of Japanese hospitality and experienced the true uniqueness of Japan,” Tomomi said.

For more information about Mini Trip Japan or to request a consultation, call 0120-726-626 (free within Japan) or email Tomomi at

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