Pimp Your Desk for the New Year

By Juliette Olah
February 10, 2016

With the beginning of the new year, most of us want to give it some competitive edge. Sometimes a physical shift can have an enormous impact on our headspace. You know the saying, change your surroundings to change yourself? Well what better place to apply this thinking than to the area many of us spend the majority of our day: our work space.

I bet the last time you took a good, hard look at the tools you use to get you through the work day wasn’t anytime recently. Regardless of whether you sit down at a desk to work from home or in a busy office, your work environment definitely sets the tone for not only for how efficiently you work, but for how you work. Think about it, wouldn’t picking up a beautifully made pen stored neatly in a stylish case make your writing a little more slick? If you’re not convinced, take it as an opportunity to experiment. Trust me, that squeaky, cracked mechanical pencil from the 100 yen shop ain’t adding inspiration to your day. Let’s sort it out.


Get it Write

A good looking pen is both a luxury and a necessity. If you’ve never tried a high quality ballpoint or fountain pen before, you’re in for a fun revelation. There’s no need to splash out a small fortune for something decent either. While it’s true that well made pens can get expensive, price isn’t actually a barometer for quality here. Sure, you need to set a budget above your supermarket brands, but for the cost of an average meal, you can score something ultra fine that’ll have eyes glancing your way come weekly WIP. Try the Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen, which goes for an affordable ¥3,240.

pimp desk 1

Brighten Up

Sometimes we’re so busy getting stuff done, we forget to take the time to do little things that make tasks easier for us. Shed a little light over your blood, sweat and tears with a desk lamp that will stand by you on those tough days where the 6 p.m. finish line turns into a 2 a.m. computer marathon. The Di Classe Arles Desk Lamp (¥16,200) is not only functional, it’s also beautiful to look at.

Stash It

We all know organization is the name of the game when it comes to a smooth work day. The less you have to think about where things are and what you need to get done next, the more brain power you can dedicate to creative thinking and problem solving. Keep your stationery bits and bobs stored in the same spot, with things you use most in easy reach. Sure, old glass jam jars are functional, but there’s no way you want to look at them all day long. Find something practical and beautiful, like this Nate Berkus desktop organizer (¥11,721), and watch your workspace blossom into a piece of art.

pimp desk 2

Leave Your Mark

While you’ll feel more on task if your work space feels professional, there’s no reason why you can’t inject a little personality into your office. Choose one or two items that represent your life, interests or values to remind you of your objectives and make your desk feel like your own. Things like artwork, a framed photo, travel mementos or even a room fragrance you love will make you feel connected as soon as you greet your inbox. This modern yet simplistic Gel Jamming art print (about ¥4,272) is just one idea to consider.

Embrace Mother Nature

Regardless of your decorating style, adding something from the outdoors can soothe a stressed mind. Green thumb need refining? No problem. While a potted plant is ideal to help purify the air, you can also opt for fresh cut flowers, seashells, wood finishes, an easy-to-care-for terrarium (like this one, ¥11,880), or even a small desktop aquarium.

And there you have it—a revitalized work space to kickstart what could be your most productive year to date. Breathe deep, let go of subpar offices past, and admire your sumptuous new desk. Ahhhhh…!

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