Recipe: Gluten-free Mikan Cake

Fruit-tata? Yes, please!

By Amya Miller
November 18, 2019
Food & Drink

Yes, I am one of “those” people who think gluten-free desserts are not the tastiest. However, I’m happy to report that with this recipe, I’ve proven myself wrong.

The only downside to this recipe (if you’re in Japan) is that almond flour is expensive and not always easy to find. Aside from that, using mikans (みかん, also called tangerines, clementines, or satsumas in other countries) makes for a dessert even the pickiest no-gluten-free-recipes-please (e.g. me) eaters will enjoy.



  • Five mikans
  • Three cups almond flour
  • One cup sugar
  • Three eggs
  • One teaspoon vanilla
  • One teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ cup powdered sugar + three tablespoons


Mikan cake

  1. Boil the mikans for 15 minutes in hot water.  
  2. Remove stems and slice the mikan open, removing any seeds.  
  3. With the peel still on, blend the mikan into a puree.  
  4. Save one cup worth puree for the cake and set aside the remainder for the syrup.
  5. Mix together eggs and sugar until very fluffy.  
  6. Add almond flour, baking powder, and vanilla.  
  7. Gradually add in the mikan puree.
  8. Pour into a nine-inch baking dish and bake at 180C/350F for 40 minutes. Keep an eye on it the last five minutes so the top doesn’t brown too much.
  9. Take out of oven and let cool.  
  10. Dust with ¼ c powdered sugar.

Puree syrup

  1. Take the remainder of the puree and using a cheesecloth/paper towel/coffee filter, squeeze out the juice.  
  2. Add three tablespoons of powdered sugar and mix into a syrup. 
  3. Slice the cake and pour the syrup over it when serving.


Yes, it’s that simple, and yes, it’s that delicious.

It reminds me of a frittata or an omelette, if both were made with fruit. Slightly eggy, slightly nutty, very fruity, and the sweet syrup pulls it all together. Who said gluten-free desserts aren’t delicious?  

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