Savvy Tokyo Fireworks Photo & Video Contest 2017

Theme: Ignite The Sky, Own The Night

By The Savvy Team
July 13, 2017

Submit your best summer fireworks photos and videos for a chance to be featured on Savvy Tokyo and win a fabulous prize!

As we enter the months of scorching heat, we also welcome the season of summer firework festivals in Japan, or hanabi taikai as they’re known as here. These unique festivities of night lights are a staple summer event in Japan, one almost equal to the hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in spring, or the autumn foliage in autumn.

But the fireworks season is also ephemeral. To immortalize the moment and celebrate all creativity captured on camera (and smartphone), Savvy Tokyo is proud to announce its Fireworks Photo & Video Contest 2017.

Contest Theme 

The theme this year is “Ignite The Sky, Own The Night.” Your photos and videos could depict anything — from your interpretation of “happiness under the bright sky” and fireworks with the family, to love under the lit-up sky, fireworks-themed sweets or anything else that celebrates the fireworks season, families and women in Japan.

Contest Period

The contest is open from July 13 to August 31. The winning photos/videos will be published on Savvy Tokyo by mid-September.

What’s In It For You?

Exposure, recognition, and fun! You’ll get 15 minutes of fame (actually, eternal, since it will stay on Savvy  f.o.r.e.v.e.r… ) and a fabulous prize from the Savvy team for taking the No.1 photo and No.1 video. See the winning photos from our Savvy Tokyo Sakura Photo Contest 2017 here.

Prize For The No.1s 

Our favorite photo and video from the 5 best photos and best 5 video entries will receive a special prize: a non-expirable hotel voucher to use in a preferred location in Japan, plus other goodies.

How To Submit Your Photos and Videos 

You can get your treasured shots and videos to us in a number of ways.

  • Send them via email to
  • Send them in a private message to our official Facebook account
  • Post them to your Twitter or Instagram account with the hashtag #savvyfireworks2017
    (Make sure to use the same hashtag for subject lines when sending via email or Facebook)

Note: Include a short caption, photo/video title, location, date and your name (or nickname) with your submission. You can submit as many photos and videos as you wish. Photos and videos can be submitted from any prefecture in the country.

Selection Process 

The Savvy team of editors, photographers, video editors and designers will select the top 5 photos and top 5 videos from the entries and publish them in an article on the site with the winners’ names (or nicknames) and links to their social media accounts or websites (if applicable).

Terms & Conditions

  • All photos and videos must be original and taken in Japan in 2017
  • Applicants must hold copyright of the photo(s) and video(s)
  • The winning photos/videos will be selected by Savvy based on originality, creativity, photo quality and matching level to the contest theme
  • It will be at Savvy’s sole discretion to determine whether any eligibility requirement has or has not been met
  • We may require evidence or confirmation from entrants before publishing or awarding prizes.
  • Submissions that do not include captions, titles, names of owner, dates, and location of shooting, will not be eligible to enter the contest

The two final prize winner-elects must reply to Savvy Tokyo’s email within seven days to claim their prize. If a prize is not claimed within this period, we reserve the right to select an alternate prize winner.

By submitting your photos and videos to this contest, you are automatically granting Savvy Tokyo the right to publish them on our website and official social media accounts for the sole purposes of this competition. Your photos/videos will not be republished or used for any other purposes.

We look forward to seeing your amazing photos! #savvyfireworks2017

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