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Savvy Tokyo Sakura Reel Contest 2024: Our Top 10 Reels

How You Hanami

By The Savvy Team
May 31, 2024
Giveaway, In Season

Following the theme: “How You Hanami,” here are our top 10 picks from all the submissions. Our top two favorite reels and the reel with the most likes receive the JTB travel voucher prizes.

Another sakura (cherry blossom) season has come to pass. Despite the flowers blooming much later than predicted, we were given a few sunny days to experience the best of what the season could offer. Parks were brimming with picnic goers and hanami (flower viewing) festivities. Thankfully, it was the perfect opportunity to snap a few videos to capture the moment and celebrate new beginnings. This year, Savvy Tokyo did something different for our annual sakura contest. Instead of photos, we asked for Instagram reel collaborations, and you guys delivered!

Check out our top 10 favorite reels in order from No. 10 to No. 1. The No.1, 2 and 3 reels are our grand prize winners. Congratulations and thank you all so much for joining!

10. Toyama Sakura

Reel by: Instagram user @bohotravelogue

9. Under the Cherry Blossoms

Reel by: Instagram user @ebhagat_varsha_

8. Girl’s Bestfriend

Reel by: Instagram user @risingsunroxy

7. Solo Dates

Reel by: Instagram user @eupho_ria_n

6. Sakuras in Bloom

Reel by: Instagram user @tminnx_

5. Tokyo Sakura

Reel by: Instagram user @oonishi.miriam

4. Riverside Sakura

Reel by: Instagram user @nihonnoyume

Congratulations To Our JTB Travel Voucher Prize Winners:

The most liked reel winner is…

3. Sakura Festival

Reel by: Instagram user @alice.in.nihon

Our favorite top two reel winners are…

2. Spring Quartet

Reel by: Instagram user @edge_genciagan

1. Hanami Picnic

Reel by: Instagram user @ourglamsoul

You can view all the entries for this reel contest on our Savvy Tokyo Instagram.

Which one is your favorite reel contest entry? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Note: Those who submitted the top three winning reels will be contacted directly to be awarded their prize. If for any reason they are unable to claim their prize or do not respond to our direct message on Instagram within one week, Savvy Tokyo reserves the right to award the prize to anyone else on this list.

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