Sponsored Video: Life Well Travelled

By The Savvy Team
February 1, 2015

"Life Well Travelled" is a new refreshing video campaign released by Cathay Pacific, with the core message being that traveling well is an important part of living well. When we travel well—that is, when the somewhat mundane parts of traveling, like check-in, flights and layovers go smoothly—we are free to focus our time and energy on the things that really matter, like having new experiences, sharing our travels with our loved ones, and creating new memories.

The series of films follows different types of travelers in different situations. The first is “The Road Warrior,” about a Western businessman traveling to Asia. It’s a beautifully made film showcasing Cathay’s strengths of honesty, quality and creativity. Travel is never perfect and there are bound to be surprises (which is one reason it’s so amazing!), but when you have a great flight with great service, it starts the trip off on a positive note, whether it is for work or a holiday.

The series also includes “Miss Adventure,” depicting a solo female traveler to Asia who embarks on a series of exciting new experiences and makes friends along the way. The third film is “The Family,” which follows a family of five on vacation, and perfectly captures the fun and exuberance that only traveling with children can bring.

To learn more about the campaign visit the website here or search the hashtag #lifewelltravelled on social media.

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