Stars Over Tokyo In 2017

What Does The Zodiac Have In Store For You?

By Cathy Moe
February 2, 2017

Tired of being stuck in your sign? Want to change it up this year and express the real you? The question from the heavens is: why was the newest astrological sign, Ophiuchus, ignored for so long? This year, it's time for a change — and here's what we predict for you.

What we consider “new” star sign — Ophiuchus — has been known since the age of Ptolemy, but was hidden away. Until NASA reminded us about it back in early 2016, leaving millions around the globe with jaws dropped at the realization that they are no longer who they used to be. Congratulations to those born between Nov. 30 and Dec. 17 — you now have a new star sign! (And a new pronunciation to learn. It’s “oh-FEW-kuss,” ladies).

So what does this added sign Ophiuchus represent? Ophiuchus stands on the tail of Scorpio — unafraid. She holds a snake curling around her body. This sign is believed to be the prototype of the medical caduceus, as well as the rising serpent of mystic kundalini. In her, physics and metaphysics merge. Sexuality and regeneration lead the way. Ophiuchus is the sign of healers, artists, quantum science, medicine, musicians and enlightenment. Living longer and healthier is her speciality.

It’s time for Ophiuchus to be reinstated in the zodiac — and our Savvy Tokyo horoscope tells you what to expect in 2017. If you navigate your year by the stars, read on!

(Only interested in reading your own ‘scope? Clink on your sign below.)

CAPRICORN (Jan 19 – Feb 15)
AQUARIUS (Feb 16 – Mar 11)
PISCES (Mar 12 – Apr 18)
ARIES (Apr 19 – May 13)
TAURUS (May 14 – June 19)
GEMINI (June 20 – July 20)
CANCER (July 21 – Aug 9)
LEO (Aug 10 – Sep 10)
VIRGO (Sep 11 – Oct 30)
LIBRA (Oct 31 – Nov 22)
SCORPIO (Nov 23 – Nov 29)
OPHIUCHUS (Nov 30 – Dec 17)
SAGITTARIUS (Dec 18 – Jan 18)


CAPRICORN January 19 – February 15

Color: Amethyst
Sound: Running Footsteps
Daily Antidote: Copper thread pillowcase

If you’ve been living the up and down life of an Aquarius, you’re invited to meet Saturn, your new ruling planet. That’s right, you’re now a Capricorn, appreciating fine clothing, delicious desserts, and the type of home that power types attract. 2017 is your year to negotiate a bonus, expand your career, and show that you’re a sexy siren, after all!

Venus begins a new eight-year cycle, so that you can repurpose just about anything. This planetary goddess represents women, love, the body, money, beauty and luxuries. Her vibes help you make strides in January and February. Then she goes into hiding (retrograde) to undo what you don’t need, March through mid-April. The rest of 2017 you can focus on savings, excitement at work, or let romance take your fancy (maybe at the same time).

Mars makes a hard right angle to Neptune in early May. This is not the time to force an issue, as it may just break. Better to wait until Saturn trines Uranus May 19, when the stars offer a solid foundation before things get juicy.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 affects your down-deep-where-you-rarely-go hopes and wishes. It’s time to take them out again and peruse which ones you still find attractive. Have you outgrown any, or have they taken on a life of their own? The solar eclipse Aug. 21 amps your ability to take charge of projects you’ve created. They’re likely to be on center stage, so let your imagination flow.

In late September, Jupiter opposes Uranus. These two want everything at once. They want it large and each wants it their way. Stocks could bounce around, finances could change quickly. It’s a magical connection, but are they willing to work together? If you can, take a deep breath and steady yourself, then align with the Saturn trine Uranus aspect on Nov 11. It’s a steadying influence with a foundation to help keep your balance.

On Dec 2., Jupiter has found his manners, making a trine aspect to Neptune. In romance and at home, this is a divine connection. You receive assistance just when you need it and your faith in your volunteer mission — planet earth — is restored. Find time to let love find you. Treat yourself with the care and understanding you truly deserve.

AQUARIUS February 16 – March 11

Color: Dark Orchid
Sound: Hum
Daily Antidote: Dolphin Plank

Revitalize your senses by infusing your spirit. Express your new ‘you’ with the creative arts, or peruse Cchannel Nail to rev up. You may still be an Aquarius, but it’s entirely possible you’ve arrived from Pisces — and in one lifetime, too! 2017 is the year you find love and romance, turning old feelings into new. Mix and match your diet — clean and fresh — with a few comfort foods to nurture your yummy soul. Wear rich, deep tones and reflective jewelry to keep your heart light on “high.” Career is about to be a source of support and inspiration, while infusing your finances, to boot!

Venus starts a new eight-year cycle in 2017. She represents women, love, the body, money, beauty and luxuries. If you haven’t been feeling it lately, make comfort a priority. Look for plush sofas to sink into, clothes with skin-soothing textures, and surroundings that support and energize you. This goes for relationships, too. Make time to strengthen yourself by taking walks or exercising as you calm your busy mind. Beauty treatments are always a picker-upper, and you can fit them into your schedule when you do them at home.

Mars squares up to Neptune in early May. This is force against illusion. You’ll see it everywhere, but you won’t get pulled in. However, if you’re planning to complete a building project, expect the final touches to go into place later, when structural Saturn trines electric Uranus on May 19.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 involves the Moon (feminine) in your sign opposite the Sun (masculine). You get the picture. Your feelings and values come up against a warming heart or big round ego. While this eclipse is particularly sensitive to your sign, you can use it to intuit your next step. Your empathy makes the difference. The solar eclipse on Aug. 21 then takes your actions of the previous weeks and applies them to your destiny.

In late September, Jupiter opposes Uranus. Fun and frivolity challenge unexpected spiritual obligations. If you have taken your spirit to the limit, it’s time to pull back. Treat yourself with gentle loving care and wait for the havoc monsters to chill. When Saturn trines Uranus on November 11th, you can hang out with the best of them. Your favorite moments may be found if you like social events or time near the sea, as Dec. 2 brings a new vibration to earth. Jupiter trines Neptune, bringing a double-layered form of divine love for you to dive into.

PISCES March 12 – April 18

Color: Spiritual Lavender
Sound: Wind Whispers
Daily Antidote: Cleopatra’s Bath (milk, honey, essential oils)

Not where you expected to be in your life? Wondering if you wrote your own story? To embark on this vision quest, let the stars guide you. You’re in luck – you may have changed signs! While previously you may have resonated with Aries, now you’re a Pisces. It’s confusing, but brings so many opportunities it’s well worth the move! 2017 is your year to undo the blocks to your personal magic. You were born to be a traveler of the stars and share your insights on earth. The trick has been how to turn them into a career, a relationship, and a healthy bank account.

Happy with your cosmic vision, but not sure what to do with it? Venus enters a new eight-year cycle in 2017. This planetary goddess champions women, the body, money, beauty and luxuries. She bestows a new way to view yourself in January and February, then disappears behind the scenes, retrograde, March through mid-April. She gives you a chance to choose warmth, comfort, and love in a special relationship. You are a romantic soul, but are sometimes shy to share it. Then Venus moves direct and bestows your secret wishes.

Mars squares Neptune in early May, making a show of force that releases a watershed. Emotions are everywhere, so escape to your favorite books, films, music, and bubble baths. Let the stars speak to your intuitive side so that your inner self stays nourished. When Saturn trines Uranus on May 19th, stability is suddenly restored.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 reflects shared feelings. This is a new realm for the planet, and it’s likely you’re a pivotal part. On Aug. 21, the solar eclipse merges your inner and outer integrity. The more you can align this beforehand, the easier the transition will be. It reworks a spell to invoke a new approach in your career and love life.

Late September, Jupiter opposes Uranus. People’s reactions grow in response to world events, and this causes quick shifts in your energy field. Don’t worry that you’re not in control. Focus on peace, within and without, and you’ll soothe your ever-growing spirit. On Nov. 11, Saturn trines Uranus. This brings stability to your thoughts and feelings as it forges ahead on the cosmic plane.

One of the most beautiful times of 2017 begins with the Jupiter trine Neptune aspect on Dec. 2. Neptune is your ruling planet, offering the value of divine love infused into daily activities. You won’t regret spending time sharing your compassion with others. Your actions show that love is always an option.

ARIES April 19 – May 13

Color: Crimson Red
Sound: Battle Cry
Daily Antidote: Head Massage

2017 is all about new beginnings for Aries. You’re more than ready to let go of the past. If you try to hold on, you’ll keep yourself from the abundance that awaits you. Feeling overwhelmed? Know that love and career are blessed, and money grows from your persistence. The steps may seem small, but word travels fast, and you are quickly acknowledged for all you have to offer.

Venus starts a new eight-year cycle in 2017. She looks like she’s charging forward in January and February. In truth there are unresolved areas in your love life as she retrogrades throughout March and April. This goddess represents women, love, the body, money, beauty, and luxuries. Shake loose what doesn’t work as you stay focused on what is most fulfilling.

Early May, Mars squares Neptune. Mars wants progress but Neptune can’t make up his mind. You may think a roadblock to your dreams is permanent. On May 19, Saturn trines Uranus. Discipline creates structure; you’ll receive recognition. Like a bolt out of the blue, you’re free to pursue your goals. Believing in yourself makes all the difference. You don’t need to know how you will get to the finish line. Taking the first step sets everything in motion.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 makes an impact. Your values and ethics are strong, so speak up. Shine and show the way as you join groups with shared interests. If you feel torn, the solar eclipse August 21st helps with a final determination. This leads to changes in your career. Your ideas grow as you tumble into a new job or position.

Family needs your attention in late September, as Jupiter opposes Uranus. Your efforts and results settle into place when Saturn trines Uranus November 11th. Then Jupiter trines Neptune Dec. 2, and you’re back into a comfortable flow. Let the arts be a guide as you take time out for concerts, films, and meditation. 2017 is your year to break free of expectations and choose your own path.

TAURUS May 14 – June 19

Color: Orange-Red
Sound: Rich, sensuous tones
Daily Antidote: Honey and Warm Teas

2017 marks a prosperous new Venus cycle. Make sure choices reflect your truest self, as what you agree to will grow for the next eight years. This is the year to fall in love, ask for a raise, upgrade your wardrobe, and make plans for the future. Write down your list and put a line around it. Don’t unmanifest it by wondering how it can happen. Just let it arrive. Meld your magical side with your practical, and you’ll soon see results.

Venus is your ruling planet. Her movements affect you, especially. This goddess represents women, love, the body, money, beauty, and luxuries. In January and February, what you wish for comes easily. Then she moves retrograde in March, and things are put on hold until mid-April. Use this time to reassess your finances and your love life, and you’ll be back on track before you know it.

In early May, Mars squares Neptune. Trying to pin down a new job or relationship may be like holding a handful of rain. Let the pieces sort themselves out as you focus on what feels wonderful. Is it spending time in botanical gardens? Enjoying beauty treatments, or a hot stone massage? On May 19th, Saturn trines Uranus and makes up for lost time. Thank goodness you used it to your benefit!

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 shakes things up. Take a trip to the Hokusai Museum or check out medicinal teas to invigorate yourself. The solar eclipse Aug. 28 puts you back in charge. Respecting authority does not mean you don’t have your own opinion. Choose the best times to voice what you think.

In September, someone you care about may need your assistance. Not only is your time well spent, you’ll learn tips about people management, which helps in your relationships and work.

On Nov. 11, Saturn trines Uranus. This is the time to follow your hunches. Make an investment, find a more comfortable place to live, offer a new commitment. Open the door to changes you never considered. You’re likely to receive an unexpected bonus. Jupiter trines Neptune on December 2nd, an auspicious stellar arrangement. Your dreams and wishes grow larger because many of them are about to come true!

Feel the earth under your feet. You’re still here — it’s what’s around you that changes in 2017. Maturity is what you’d call it, if you had to find a term. Stellar energies take on a glow of their own. As you drink your rooibos tea, this frequency ray helps you thrive, not just survive, the transition.

GEMINI June 20 – July 20

Color: Tulip Tangerine
Sound: Kiss
Daily Antidote: Arm and Shoulder Stretch

Butterfly of the zodiac, you’re in for a surprise. Now you encompass so much more of July! It’s a heady experience, but give your wings time, to fully expand so you can fly. Having a new star sign can be fun. You have permission from the heavens to express the ‘real you’.

You’ll feel more freedom in 2017. You’re able to unlock the keys to your unspoken thoughts and act on them. Take risks and feel how easily they flow. Watch yourself weave a new matrix of what you expect from yourself. Love and romance go up a notch, so be aware a commitment could be coming. Career has its own special glow, as it reflects what you put into it. Finances grow steadily stronger after mid-April.

Venus begins a new eight year cycle. This goddess represents women, love, the body, money, beauty, and luxuries. January and February, you feel the rush of success. Then Venus moves retrograde in early March, and doesn’t let up until mid-April. Plan for this by choosing less expensive options for outings and dinners (just for awhile). You’re rewarded with a bonus for discretion in your career. A promotion is taking shape.

Mars squares Neptune in early May. This may dampen your spirits, but not for long. On May 19th, Saturn trines Uranus. Form takes spectacular, not to mention unexpected, function. This means all systems are “go.” Find an on-going exercise class to keep your stamina strong and shake off the stress of adrenaline.

The lunar (feminine) eclipse Aug. 8 opens a portal to deep, you-can-sink-into-it romance. This is the stuff dreams are made of, so keep visualizing as you stay in gratitude “as if it already exists.” The solar eclipse Aug. 21 bring in the masculine energy to balance this equation.

In late September, Jupiter opposes Uranus. A surprise that matches your secret hopes has the power to show up, making you giddy with delight, only to disappear without explanation. Don’t worry, it will return, and this time it plans to stay as Saturn trines Uranus Nov. 11. Jupiter bestows another shower of gifts when it trines Neptune on Dec. 2. It’s easier to accept if you have a spiritual perspective of the crazy movements everyone experiences.

CANCER July 21 – August 9

Color: Liquid Amber
Sound: Waves Crashing
Daily Antidote: Coconut water/Back rub

Where did the signs go? Are you still yourself, or someone else? Changing signs is like moving to a new neighborhood. Everyone has to adjust one way or another. Whether you’re still a Cancer or have just arrived, 2017 blesses you. Money and treasured gifts just keep coming. Stay focused on your career (the ups and downs are not a reflection on you). As you learn to ride this roller coaster, seeing it for what it is, you develop a sense of calm that others envy.

The big news is that Venus begins a new eight year cycle. She shares a glimpse of what you can expect in January and February, then goes retrograde to give you a chance to say good-bye to the past. This is only to make room for the expansion she has in mind for you, with an upgrade, of course. Venus rules women, love, the body, money, beauty, and luxuries. Remember she has your best interests in mind and wants you to have only the best.

Mars squares up to Neptune in early May. This is a recipe for bubbles that burst so don’t make investments just yet. Wait for the more stable Saturn trine Uranus aspect that suddenly can make your stocks rise as it arrives on May 19th.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 enhances your subtle qualities. Look for special moments and poignant memories to enhance your social media postings. You’re getting to know yourself inside-out. From this wisdom, others may ask your opinion. The solar eclipse Aug. 21 puts you in a position of power. Make sure you give yourself all the nurturing and self-love you need to paint in the colors of the dreams you share.

Jupiter opposes Uranus in late September. Connections open wide, then may move in unexpected directions. There’s no point in following unless your heart calls you. If so, the Saturn trine Uranus aspect on Nov. 11 stabilizes earthly energies, offering a foundation for your plans. Jupiter makes up for the confusion, trining Neptune on Dec. 2. Finally, you see your fantasies have a place to call their own.

LEO August 10 – September 10

Color: Lemon Chiffon
Sound: Purr
Daily Antidote: Crescent Lunge

When it’s time to move forward, you’re always up for a challenge. “What? But I used to be a Virgo!” you may exclaim. Don’t let that stop you from basking in your Leo-esque fortune. This year is tops if you want to expand your career, take a relationship to the next level, or sock away your hard-earned yen. 2017 is not for the faint of heart, but then, the Sun rules Leo which governs this seat of the soul. Which means you can be strong and tender.

Venus begins a new eight-year cycle. She moves forward with gusto in January and February, then does an abrupt about-face. It’s all in your starry best interests, however, as she’s giving you a chance to let go of what no longer works. She moves forward again in mid-April, just in time for you to feel renewed. Venus rules women, love, the body, money, beauty, and luxuries. An upgrade is in the works, so make room!

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 is power-packed. The Sun in Leo opposes the Moon, asking you to make an important decision. Ultimately, it’s best to do what is close to your heart. That way, you’ll stay in celestial alignment! The solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is a Leo Sun/Moon merger. It upgrades your personal vibration, and sets the stage for steps you’ll be taking.

Late September, you may be rocked by the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Aspects of your career could take off like fireworks. Jupiter has a tendency to make things bigger, and Uranus makes things happen “out of the blue.” You could hear news that requires travel or even a move. If so, as Saturn trines Uranus on Nov. 11, you may decide this is a chance to express yourself more completely as you expand your base of interests.

By December 2nd, you’re taking time out to catch your breath. Jupiter trines Neptune, and it’s time to indulge yourself in a relaxing escape. Films, concerts and walks by the sea fit the bill — or you might find all three!

VIRGO September 11 – October 30

Color: Seafoam Green
Sound: Ahhh
Daily Antidote: Happy Baby Pose

2017 brings recognition and a new status — you’re a Virgo! You may have been a Libra, with a fashionista wardrobe to donate to the more confused signs of the zodiac. The great relief of this planetary musical chairs is the chance to feel grounded. Your career receives a boost. People in positions of power want to push you to the top. If you feel a bit reluctant — you never meant to be so busy, or lose so much sleep — you’re determined to bring your creativity to the forefront.

After all, 2017 is a year to celebrate. Venus begins a new eight-year cycle. This planetary goddess represents women, love, the body, money, beauty and luxuries. She wants you to have only the best! You’ll feel her gifts in January and February. Then as she moves retrograde, you may feel abandoned. Don’t worry, she’s back in full force by mid-April. The focus is on comfort, and treating yourself with gentle understanding. Just the way you’ll recognize the quality of romance that follows!

Mars squares Uranus in early May. If you feel your efforts have been undermined, take a step back. Work on your ability to be emotional teflon. The light brigade shows up almost immediately as Saturn trines Uranus on May 19. Your plans can now take shape.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 opens a portal to your deepest dreams. It may not yet be apparent which direction to take. Others have affected your emotions, and psychic wounds take time to heal. Then the solar eclipse Aug. 21 unleashes a sense of freedom. You’re able to join with like-minded individuals who support your views, side-stepping those who don’t ‘get’ you.

Your insights are worth money. Revelations about the past pop up when Jupiter opposes Uranus in late September. You’ll be able to share your good fortune after Nov. 19, when Saturn trines Uranus. It’s not too early to prepare for the holidays. After Jupiter trines Neptune on Dec. 2, you may be hard to find. This aspect gives you a “get out of regular routine” card and offers the chance to immerse yourself in music, get-togethers, films and perhaps even a cruise when love becomes a highlight to live for.

LIBRA October 31 – November 22

Color: Aura Blue
Sound: Laughter
Daily Antidote: Hug

Welcome to the light and airy side of the zodiac. It may take a little time to get used to free floating, since you used to be a Scorpio. No more scouring the depths of dark mysteries and hidden agendas. No worries though — your sexy side won’t disappear. You’re now ruled by Venus, and may find life much more comfy.

In fact, 2017 is a year to celebrate. Venus starts a new eight-year cycle. Want to shake those cobwebs out? Love to move forward and not look back? January and February are positively stellar for racing to greener pastures. Then Venus goes retrograde in March. It may seem like the oasis is drying up. By mid-April she’s traveling in style again, which means you are, too!

Love is everywhere — you can’t help turning heads. Venus wants you to consider who is right for you when it comes to romance. This goes for your career, as well. You’re solicited — or make yourself known — at just the perfect moments.

Be aware there’s more magic happening. Mars squares Neptune in early May, when things dissolve and no one can find them. Then Saturn trines Uranus May 19, and suddenly everything is back where it was. Or something better!

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 is a mystic portal to your deepest depths. Fill it with light and positive affirmations, and you’ll bake the best recipe for love you can imagine. When you focus on treating yourself with kindness, the more you attract it into your life. And the quicker you leave all else in the dust! The solar eclipse Aug. 21 augments where you have placed your feelings. Where attention goes, energy flows…

Late September, Jupiter opposes Uranus. This can make you lucky. It can also bring so much that you feel overwhelmed — not what you had in mind! Schedule lots of white space in your calendar, because not only will it suddenly be filled, new appointments may overlap! On Nov. 11., Saturn trines Uranus. This brings an event which adds structure you can work with. A bonus!

Get ready for luminous fantasy as Dec. 2, Jupiter trines Neptune. These two have a divine quality about them, adding an ethereal glow. Prepare to have your work finished early. This duo is all about enjoying films and concerts, feeling inspired and taking long walks arm in arm, watching starry lights over the sea.

SCORPIO November 23 – November 29

Color: Violet Azure
Sound: Pleasure
Daily Antidote: Music with Minor Chords

Not feeling yourself lately? Things have changed. You used to be a Sagittarius. That’s a difference you can’t miss. You’re a rare breed, with only seven days a year in which to be born. Scorpios, unite! You’re not kicking up for freedom as much as you used to — you’re busy being an influence “behind the scenes.” Commitments in relationships come easier. As long as they’re sexy and you get to be in charge! Your career continues to blossom as you express your dogged determination and natural charisma.

2017 kicks things up a notch. Venus, the planet representing women, love, the body, money, beauty and luxuries, is also the original warrior goddess. She will fight for you to have what you worked so hard for. Steps taken in January and February may seem to suspend themselves as she retrogrades in March. By mid-April, Venus is back in your corner. Progress in saving, finances and your love life keep you busy throughout this year.

You’ll notice a major shift of attitude as Mars squares Neptune in early May. It may be hard to pin down a partner, making you feel you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. Don’t sweat it – Saturn trines Uranus May 19th. Things settle down just when you least expect it, like a lightning bolt out of the blue.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 puts things into perspective. Differences of opinion won’t rattle you, as you’re able to scope out the feelings underneath. The solar eclipse Aug. 21 asks you to recognize your own authority. While you may be a reluctant leader, you probably are the best one to take charge.

Late September, Jupiter opposes Uranus. There’s a groundswell of reaction to women’s rights. You can help shake out what no longer works, while showing others how to stand their ground. Your creative and intellectual curiosity is off the charts. Then on Nov. 11, Saturn trines Uranus. If you trust your intuition, you’ll notice your natural detective qualities make you practically psychic. You’re pragmatic to listen to those whispers as they breeze by.

December is a romantic heaven full of celestial delights. Jupiter trines Neptune on Dec. 2, setting the tone for the entire month. The more work you finish in advance, the more wonder is bestowed upon you. Lights and hearts full of hope add to the inner glow that brings love knocking at your door — with roses!

OPHIUCHUS November 30 – December 17

Color: Ghost Turquoise
Sound: Om
Daily Antidote: Gentle Palm Massage

Welcome to your new star sign. Feel different? Or is it, actually, that you always felt this way? For those of you gifted with interests that never quite seemed to fit, you now have a starry realignment. Sagittarians have been lifted right out of their sign and placed into a new stellar home called Ophiuchus. You’re a healer, an artist, a scientist, an activist. Because Ophiuchus has been hidden away, you bring information from the depths, sharing it to empower others.

A lot is expected of you, but then, you may have always lived with this feeling. A reworking of the zodiac wheel in 2017 spins as a new eight-year cycle of Venus begins. This original warrior goddess symbolizes women, love, the body, money, beauty and luxuries. Because you’re retooling your tenacity, this is the year you create the job you want and the partner to share it with. Your romantic life takes off by leaps and bounds. There’s no need to slow it down — just take naps when necessary! January and February are favored. Rest up March through mid-April.

Mars squares Neptune in early May. It’s a make-or-break aspect only in that what lacks substance may dissolve. Look into issues with yourself about what you will and will not accept. Don’t give yourself an impossible timeline. When Saturn trines Uranus May 19, you receive a boost from the universe, as it listens to your requests!

Because you have the ability to see humanity as a whole, the lunar eclipse Aug. 8 widens your career path. Then the solar eclipse Aug. 21 addresses practical issues like how much, where, and when. It’s a portal to your ultra dimensions — a time traveler who needs her beauty sleep!

Regeneration is one of your gifts. Invest in yourself in 2017. Choose the cosmetic bag that sparks a smile, clothes that energize — turquoise accented with dusty rose — and foods so fresh they still radiate light. That way, you will, too.

In late September, things start to shake up as Jupiter opposes Uranus. It’s an exciting time. Thank goodness you’re an Ophiuchan and can work your magic! On Nov. 11, Saturn trines Uranus. What couldn’t come together receives higher understanding and is able to merge harmoniously. An important relationship may set you on a new path as finances receive an infusion. Then Jupiter trines Neptune on Dec. 2. You are about to peek into your starlit future full of wonder.

SAGITTARIUS December 18 – January 18

Color: Royal Blue
Sound: Jet Landing
Daily Antidote: Silk Sleep Mask

You might still be you, Sag, but if a former Capricorn seeks you out, let yourself be of assistance. No one knows how to have fun like the Centaur, so if you were once a serious Cap, it’s time to party. In fact, the influx is huge, so your hard-working traits mean soirees are all the more grand. Sagittarians benefit from the luck of Ophiuchus in 2017. Spend it enjoying champagne facial masks, or visit onsen resorts to gaze at your new starry placement.

2017 completes what you have started. If you gained training and expertise at work, your career jumps a few notches, as do your finances. A bonus is just waiting for you. If you studied yoga, meditation or read up on relationship tips, you are able to put them into practice — and like what you see. Remember to celebrate your hard work with a happy dance!

Venus begins a new eight-year cycle in 2017. This is a relief for most, as whatever level you’re on, you can say good-bye to what doesn’t work and keep what you really love most. Venus is the goddess representing women, love, the body, money, beauty and luxuries. Let yourself have that moment of repose to remember what life is all about. Treat yourself! January and February are clear sailing, compared to March through mid-April, when Venus is retrograde. Don’t expect final solutions immediately, and your year will pan out better than you anticipated.

Life at home may be full of contradictions as Mars squares Neptune in early May. Don’t try to hold on to rumors — they’ll melt before you can log them into your memory banks. Keep checking in with yourself to test your radar. No need to react, as Saturn trines Uranus May 19, letting you know what’s really going on.

The lunar eclipse Aug. 8 is a mystic portal, blending your other-worldly awareness with your daily earthly duties. Visions of other lifetimes and star wandering has the potential to crop up. This release reminds you that there is more going on than the structures around you. The solar eclipse Aug. 21 restores your sense of self-worth as it clicks the reset button, encouraging you to be and do anything in harmony with the universe.

Late September you have permission to rest and enjoy the beauty of autumn. Jupiter opposes Uranus, so anything could happen while you’re drinking your tea or hot chocolate. On Nov. 11, Saturn trines Uranus. If you feel lucky, jump on your intuition and act on it. You could receive a bonus, a trip or find a new place to live. Then Jupiter trines Neptune on Dec. 2. This may be your favorite astrological aspect of all. Divine love merges with the earthly plane, and you see the glimmer behind events in your career and love life.


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